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OrganiWash (75 ml) é o sabonete 2-em-1 perfeito para usuárias de copo menstrual: use para limpar seu copo antes da inserção/após a remoção e como um sabonete intimo com pH balanceado para o corpo.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


As OrganiWipes são toalhetes de limpeza para limpar o OrganiCup em ocasiões particulares e sem acesso a água. Contém 10 toalhetes.

DKK 39,00
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Based on 744 reviews
El servicio es horrible

Hice un pedido hace 2 meses y aún no he recibido nada. Me he puesto en contacto con ellos diversas veces y siempre me envían la misma respuesta y no hacen nada para mejorarlo. No recomiendo la compra por esta web.

Hi Clara. I am sorry that you have not yet received your parcel - and I also apologize that you feel our service has been inadequate! We ask customers outside of Europe to be especially patient as customs processing times can drastically vary and sometimes cause great delays in certain countries. Two months is a very long time, and I suspect that your order may have gotten lost during transit - We will, of course, compensate this in the manner you most prefer. Please get back in touch via email at support@organicup.com, and we will sort out these shipping issues. Kind regards, Maria.
The cup never arrives they steal your money

Its been 2 months since I order my cups and I still waiting for them. Buy from another brand that is safer and that can arrive in less time, instead of organic cup. I’m really mad and sad, if I could return time I will surely buy from other brand

Hi Daniela. I am sorry that you have not yet received your order. Have you gotten in touch with our support team? Sometimes orders are delayed or lost by the postal service, unfortunately - in this case we do all that we can to compensate the customer for their trouble and make sure to either reship or refund the order. We sincerely apologize that you've had a negative experience with OrganiCup - so please get in touch with our support team at support@organicup.com, so we can make this right. Best, Maria
This is a game changer

If you’ve ever questioned what your pads/tampons are doing for your body/purse/the environment, please allow your eyes to be opened by this product. I love the fact I can change it the shower and everything feels more clean and hygienic. I no longer spend >£5 a month buying pads and tampons that are full of chemicals and extravagantly packaged and wasteful. I have also found the cup so much more comfortable to wear as compared to tampons, and you can sleep comfortably in it instead of having to wear those bulky night pads. You can honestly forget that you’re having you’re period once you figure out how to insert it so you are leak free. I don’t have to dread my period and it’s all thanks to OrganiCup.


This is awesome. Started a few months ago and I won't ever go back to tampons! This is the best option ever! Can't believe how much easier my life has become! It might be weird the first few times but it's so worth it!

I don't have to worry about running out of tampons or leaking all day. I love it ❤️


I would never go back to tampons or pads. The organicup is so much cleaner, fresher, with no leaks or mess. Plus I’ll be saving so much money in the long run whilst doing my bit for the planet. So pleased with this!

Great product!

I am very happy with this product! It took a few periods to get used to inserting it and taking it out but now I have no problem and it is very comfortable. I have recommended the Organicup to all of my friends and fully believe in this product.

Uncomfortable and leaks

I've had the cup for roughly 1 year and it leaks every period. I've have watched lots of videos of how to wear it and read different ways. I do have a heavy flow but I don't feel that this is the main issue. Nearly all of my knickers are now stained and I have had many embarrassing moments with it leaking on my clothes. Also after my period I regularly have a very sore vagina or a urine infection. I boil the cup before use and clean it appropriately during my cycle. I don't know whether I have a sensitive vagina but myself and my partner are fed up of it causing me pain after my period. It is effecting my relationship as it is stopping me from having sex due to it causing discomfort to my vagina. I feel that the cup is very rigid and thick and isn't good for all vaginas. I want to continue to use menstrual cups as I don't want to use disposable pads or tampons but it's effecting my life and my health. So annoyed that I payed so much for something that continues to stain my clothes and cause me pain.

HI Becky. First of all, thanks for your honest review. I am however sorry to hear that you haven't gotten the OrganiCup to work out for you. For a good and clean startup, we recommend to use panty liner or pad as an extra safety measure when you're first getting to know the cup. In your case, it sounds like to me like the cup doesn't fit your anatomy. This is going to be the case for some people, as we are all unique, so of course the shape, size and firmness has to feel good to YOU! We want you to be comfortable, so you should not walk around feeling discomfort and experiencing leakage - please get in touch with support@organicup.com and the support team will do their best to find a solution that suits you. You can always make use of our satisfaction guarantee, which lets you try the OrganiCup for an entire year before trying a different size or being refunded. Kind regards, Maria
Just amazing!

My third day of using it... I am still wondering how this works!!! :)))))
But it works perfectly!
NO leaking, no problem using it at all...
I watched some reviews on YouTube & read loads of stuff online before daring to try it - I had so many Qs... how it goes in, and most importantly - how it comes out?!?! 😀 😀 😀 Finally, I dared to use it & I am impressed... I really had no problems inserting it correctly on a first try (I was wondering if it was correctly put in place, though) 😀 I honestly wonder how come some women had problems with this? I really have no problem, like less than 3-5 minutes for the whole procedure (taking it out, washing it & inserting it back)...
How come I didn't find out about this product earlier?!?!
PS - I can't stop recommending it to all of my friends! And talking... and wondering how come it does not leak!!! On day 1 & 2?!?!
Simply an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G product!


I ordered when it was a discount buy 1 get 2, so i ordered 2x buy 1 get 2 and what came to my address, only two products instead of 4!!!!
So be careful!
I don’t recomend it!!! They will take your money, and you will not get what you ordered(and what they said you will get)!!!!
OrganiCup, if you don’t want to send number of products you said you will, then why do you make this discounts? So people could give you more money? I don’t get it..
Scam and shame!!!

Hi Tamara. I am sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with us. We try our very hardest to be fair to everybody. Sometimes a customer will forget to enter the coupon-code that activates the double-up promotion - this could happen due to a typo or a misunderstanding, and we are aware that this is a possibility - this is why we offer to ship the products entirely free of charge, provided that the customer covers the minimum 3,5 EUR shipping costs themselves. Should the missing coupon-code be caused by a technical error on our part, we will, of course, cover all costs. I can see that we have already been in dialogue via email, but I would gladly proceed to set-up another shipment for you with the two missing cups.
Simpelthen fantastisk

Det eneste jeg fortryder ved at have købt en Organicup er, at jeg ikke gjorde det noget før. Jeg var ærlig talt meget(!) skeptisk og sikker på at den ikke ville virke for mig, men jeg synes den er fantastisk. Jeg vil aldrig gå tilbage til at bruge tamponer igen.


It takes some time to learn how to position the cup so that it doesn't leak and how to take it out smoothly. Once you figure that out, it's a lifesaver! I empty the cup twice a day, works like a charm! I almost forget that I'm having my period, just need to remember to empty the cup before it's full.

First Time Cup User Forever Changed

I got my OrganiCups after seeing a BOGO deal online they were advertising. I thought after seeing the high price tag on other cups in stores at least this way I could get 2 at the same time. I had never used a cup before and had been considering it cautiously for a while. I guess I was just so used to the tampon/pad lifestyle I wasn't sure how I would feel about the cup but I was quickly getting tired of all the cotton intrusions and spending money on products I was throwing away. After using it for the first time this cycle I have to say I can't believe I ever hesitated! While I would've normally gone through at least 12 tampons for my 3-4 day cycle I only used 1 this cycle and only because I was so cautious about sleeping with the cup in the first night. After a day of getting comfortable with it, I found I could wear it all day and night (emptying it before bed). Even on my heaviest days I never got close to filling it. The cup was comfortable,I never felt it in and I loved not having to change it throughout the day! I struggled a bit with re-inserting it but I think with a different folding technique next time I'll have better luck and get in a rhythm with it. For anyone considering making the switch, do it! It's so worth it. As a pet-owner bonus I can now stop worrying about my dog digging tampons or pads out of the trash! Hallelujah.

There is no going back now!

I'm on day two of using the organicup and it is already LIFE CHANGING! couldn't bare the thought of going back to tampons now! Easy to insert, easy to empty and clean (once retrieved!!)... no leaks, last for a long time, no dryness, im SOLD!

Supppeeerrr love

I use it during period this month..
The cup is very very helpful, i dont user any pads..

It feels so good and comfortable.

Dont be scared to use it. Just buy and feel the benefits

Thx organicup


So comfortableIt can't even feel it. Its very easy to use, I would definitely recommend having a cup! It has changed my life about periods!


I use my cup for a year now and i absolutly love it!
The best thing i could ever buy! No leaks, no waste and my periods are shorter too!

Terrible service!

What a terrible service. I ordered 2 organicups with my friend in November and still haven’t gotten them. When asked what’s wrong, we get told it’s not their fault or problem. Well, fine, but it shouldn’t be mine either. If you can’t deliver properly, the least you can do is give us our money back. I will call again, hoping to work something out. But this is just terrible service. I hope people are warned before ordering!

Hi Romy. I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience with our service. I think there may have been some miscommunication, as we always take 100% responsibility in case a parcel is lost by the postal service or is lost in transit. We have learned that local delays and extended customs processing are factors that can sometimes lengthen the delivery time (especially in some countries outside of the EU). If an order doesn't show up, we investigate it, and we compensate for any delivery issues with either a full refund or a reshipment of the order. I apologize if you were informed otherwise - I don't seem to be able to find any email threads with you, Romy - could you please get in touch with support@organicup.com so we can solve this together? 🙂 Kind regards, Maria
Virgins can use it

I thought that because i was a virgin i couldn’t use the cup but i still wanted to try it so I bought the cup and decided to use it and i was so happy thqt it worked. Thank you organicup!

My first new period

Wanting to do better for myself and the environment, I decided to make a change. I just went through my first new period with my organicup and I have to say that this is the most free I have ever felt on my period. Before I was a tampon user and always worried about the overflow of days 2 and 3, which were my heaviest days. Not only did I not feel the discomfort that comes with wearing tampons but I also didn't have that constant fear of bleeding out. It takes a while to get used to inserting but once I figured that out I was set. Thank you, Organicup, for giving me a new way to live my period.


You can have complete confidence that the Organicup will keep you leak free! I didn’t believe it either, until I used it during a triathlon. I didn’t have to worry about leaking or spotting after my swim, and it was completely comfortable during the run and even biking portions of the race. No tampon could do that!

Never going back to tampons!!

I found my overall experience with this cup perfect. Insertion and removal was easy and spending the extra 30 seconds on it than a pad or tampon is so worth it. I forgot I was on my period because I didn’t have to think about it more than twice a day and I can’t feel anything when using it! Overall, it’s DEFINITELY worth trying this out! Have recommended this cup to all my friends because of how great my experience has been!

Best discovery ever!

I took a while to get buy a menstrual because I was afraid that it didn't work. When I finnaly decided I did a lot of research and I found out organicup, that explains everything there is to know! I finnaly can work twelve hours straight without having to run to the bathroom every two hours. Thank you!


I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get on this band wagon! Seriously, it is a life changer. I am so happy to know that my two daughters will grow up in a world where this is an option for their periods! The Organicup works flawlessly and it is easy ( and fascinating) to clean! No more tampons, pads, pee strings! Also the bag it comes in is minimalist and descrete! ❤️ Converted for menstral life!!

Just great

First of all, my organicup came really fast (about a week to Serbia). During the last few days I was using organicup and I am super satisfied. It was easy for me to insert it for the first time (you don't have to push it like the tampon because it get "sucked in" itself). Removal was easy also, you just have to push your abs a little bit and relax. As soon as you get the tip just start pulling out slowly and everything will go smooth. Wash it thoroughly before next insertation. I don't feel it at all during the day. There was some leakage (negligible) but not every time so I guess it was not positioned well. I was changing it only at home, so I don't know how is it when you're in public toilet, for me it wasn't "messy" as I expected. 🙂
Package is great so as the little bag you get for keeping your organicup.
Great thing, great feeling - I already recommend it to everyone!