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OrganiWash (75 ml) is de ultieme 2-in-1 reiniging voor gebruikers van de menstruatiecup: gebruik het om je cup voor het inbrengen en na het verwijderen te reinigen en als pH-neutrale, intieme wasemulsie voor je lichaam.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


OrganiWipes zijn gemaakt voor het schoonmaken van OrganiCup op gelegenheden zonder toegang tot schoon water.  Bevat 10 doekjes.

DKK 39,00
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I'm never going back to tampons or pads. Economical and good for the environment. It's a little bit tricky at the beginnig (not the insertion, nor removing it, but making sure it's correctly unfolded) but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it.

Nunca más voy a usar tampones ni compresas. Económico y bueno para el medio ambiente. Cuesta un poco al principio (no la inserción, ni el vaciarla, sino asegurarte de que está bien puesta) pero una vez le coges el truco te encantará.

I almost switched back to regular tampons

I was beyond excited when I first received my Organicup. I had actually ordered 2 because I was so sure that I was gonna use this cup forever.

But my excitement didn't last long. After the first 6 months and 6 periods, I still couldn't make it work the way it was supposed to. I thought that it was because I couldn't relax enough, or that I've used the wrong body position to insert the cup. No matter what I did it never sat right. Sometimes it wouldn't even go in, no matter how hard I tried to push. I tried inserting it laying down, squatting, standing, in the shower and so on. I had tried everything! Or so I thought.
I decided to give it one last go, because I was determined to make my period less wasteful by not using tampons and/or pads.
I was on the toilet trying to push it in one last time, when it occurred to me that I had never tried to insert it with my left hand. I had always tried and failed with the right.
I thought "what the hell", folded it with my left hand and whoops - it sat perfectly. I felt the suction and all. I was so astonished that it had worked. And it has worked like a charm ever since!
So before you give up on your Organicup, please try to switch hands - maybe it makes a difference for you too. It certainly did for me.

Thank you for an amazing product that I will be using every time I get my period!

12 ore di tranquillità!!!

Comodissima, economica e per sempre!!! La prima volta che ho visto la coppetta ho pensato che non sarei mai riuscita ad usarla!! In effetti il primo giorno ho sofferto un po', ma quando ho tagliato un pezzo dell'estremità in plastica mi sono trovata benissimo! Ora per 12 ore sono tranquilla e non ho nessuna perdita, nemmeno minima!! Bisogna solo stare attenti a capire come inserirla senza schiacciarla, consiglio di guardare un video illustrativo che utilizzi le forme in plastica riproducenti l'utero. Consiglio vivamente, cambia la vita!!

Life Changing

The first time I knew about menstrual cup was when my friend reviewed it in her instastory and from that time I knew I had to have it. I purchased it. Anddddd I am in love. I am so glad that I didn't have to go to a "trial" phase that would take up to 3 cycles. I can get it right just in 1 day. So happy!

Love it

Absolutely no regrets switching over to the organicup! After figuring out how it works it's like your period isn't even there. The organicup has also made me understand my period way better than I ever did before, so would definitely recommend and keep recommending these to other people!
Btw love the packaging!

Not the cup for me.

I bought the smaller size (since I haven't given birth ever) but I probably should have bought the bigger one. The cup is smaller compared to other brands so it is harder to take out. I also always leak when I use this cup. It does not last me 12 hours. The cup is really small and cannot hold a lot of blood for me. (And I'm pretty sure I inserted it correctly and yet it still leaks... Not so happy with my purchase, sorry.

Positive thing - plastic free, no-fuss packaging. That's it.

Hi Mel thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. It sounds to me like you might get a much better experience with the B cup. I can't find any order with your email address but send us an email at support@organicup.com with your order information and we'll make sure to check up on you with our sizing guarantee. Have an amazing day!
Easy, clean & organic

This is a brilliant product, it takes little getting use to in terms of application but once you get it, it is great! You CANNOT feel it! No leaking and it lasts for 12hours!! I cannot recommend enough!! I will not be going back to tampons!!

Amazing Cup and Lovely Staff

I love the plastic-free packaging, and the toxin-free cup itself.
What I love the most, I do have to admit, is the lovely staff. When I first ordered a pair of OrganiCups, they got lost somewhere in the shipping process. A couple of months later, someone checked in on me, asking about my experience, and when o told her about my lost merchandise, she offered to ship me two OrganiCups for free! Another couple of months in, and they checked in with me about my new shipment and my experience.
Thank you so much, Organicup!

Get in confidence with myself

I happy to have possibility to do not produce waste anymore. It makes me feel good. and more
organic cup helps me to understand better my body. finally I understand better my period, my femininity.
if I could add something I would add a small qty scale on organic cup to understand better if your period is hard or normal. some kind of measurer . all the rest it great.


No leaks, no see, no feel. it’s like your period isn’t there. I have no regrets. It’s worth every penny

Da provare assolutamente!

Ho comprato la coppetta mesi fa, ma al primo utilizzo ero molto scettica, così non l'ho più usata per un po'. Dopo alcuni mesi l'ho riprovata ed ora non smetto di usarla! È comodissima da mettere e togliere (bisogna solo trovare la tecnica giusta), non sento dolore, non spendo ulteriori soldi per altri assorbenti e soprattutto d'estate posso andare tranquillamente al mare!!!!

Loving it!

I love organicup! I have had it for more than 6 months now and it is great! At first you have to figure it out how to insert it and once you figure it out it's great! It's like you don't have menstruation at all! Sometimes it can leak if you don't empty it on time, so if you aren't sure wear a pad! Otherwise this is the best thing! I really love it!


I've been hearing about menstrual cups for quite some time now, but the idea of it was still gross. I finally stopped overthinking and got an organicup. While I was researching, I came across different kinds of cups for different purposes. As useful as it was, it was way too much info. for a newbie like me who just wanted to try. So, I finally settled on Organicup and got Size A as the site suggested. BEST DECISION EVER. In the beginning, inserting was tricky. It took me around 5-10mins just to make sure it was there and wouldn't leak and stuff. Removal got me panicking. But, it helped that I had read the instructions on the box earlier. It's my third day of wearing it and I can safely say that removal, inserting, and cleaning is way easier. It is still gross to see all the blood but I'm used to it now. Definitely no regrets. The fact that I'm waking up with no mess and leakages just makes this more amazing for me. No more pads, tampons for me. 🙂

sustainable periods yayayay

I purchased the Organicup because I was tired of creating so much waste by using pads during my period. The learning curve can be tough (it was for me) but once you get the hang of it, its a piece of cake. I was doing all kinds of yoga poses to find the right position that works for me. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone and everyone!


so che sembrerà strano, ma ora ogni volta che ho il ciclo sono felice. sarà che ancora non mi sono abituata alla mia "scelta consapevole", ma ogni volta che devo cambiare la coppetta sono felice, e penso a tutti gli assorbenti che sto evitando di comprare ed usare, inquinando sempre di più il mondo.
un consiglio: compratela con la vostra migliore amica, o con una sorella, o con la mamma, una per ciascuna, ed imparate ad usarla insieme! farà meno paura sapere che la sta indossando anche qualcuno che conoscete e che può avere le vostre stesse paure....
è tutta questione di abitudine.

fate uno sforzo bellissimo e diventate anche voi consapevoli del vostro ciclo mestruale.


Super easy to use and works great 👍🏽


I've tried tampons and pads for a whole 5 years of my life and gotten tired because of the leaks, smell, sweat which comes from having a freaking diaper stuck on you labia/ass and wanted to try something new. I've been using the cup for 1 year now and I gotta say it's the BEST decision I've ever made for my body. Absolutely shocked as to how well it works with me and I feel fortunate to be in 2019 and have this as an option whereas my mum didn't :/
Anyway, I 100% reccomend it to anyone bleeding from their vag as it is AMAZINGGGGG.
I can't feel it AT ALL when it's inside (I'm 20 and have not given birth) and when Its time to wash it and take it out there is NO leakage. Absolutely amazing. I love this product !


It took some time to figure out how it works for me, have been using it for over a year now and it works perfect for me, it saves me so much changings of pads/tampons


I needed some time to get used to it but now I cant see myself without it. Best switch I have ever made!!

A revolution

After I got used to my cup, I have noticed when I was preparing for incoming “period” day at work - that the only thing I need to take with me is one Organic Wipe... instead of bunch of pads, tampons and extra pair of underwear. Amazing change, lighter days, plus zero waste. Needed some time to decide buying it, now I say it was a waste of time;) Bye bye old habits. I just feel like spreading it among all my girlfriends!

Once you go cup you never go back!

Abituarmi è stato facile, mi dimentico di indossarla e nei pochi casi in cui preferisco usare i vecchi metodi tradizionali, mi rendo conto di quanto sia bello avere un'alternativa igienica, enomica ed ecologica!

I wish...

Unfortunately i bought the cup and couldn’t adapt to it. I hoped so bad it would work, but then it just didn’t... I know for a fact a lot of people use it and love it, so you should definitely try it and figure out if it’s good for you. The support team was great and gave me a refound after I realized I wasn’t going to make it. They definitely have my recommendation!!

This is great. I love it!

This is my first time using a menstrual cup and I loved it!
It worked from the very beginning. It´s easy to put on, sometimes it opens when you insert it and other you have to open it when inside, but it isn't complicated at all, when you have it inside you can't feel it, I can use it 12 whole hours and it has never leaked. Besides it's better for earth and our health! The only problem I have experienced comes when I have to take it out. It's very difficult to me, but I guess it'll become easier the most I use it.

Cleanest period I've ever had!

I decided to try the menstrual cup after a work colleague told me it was amazing. I ordered mine immediately after some research and actually couldn't wait to get my period.

From the off, it was plain sailing. No leaks, odour. In day two of my period, I hiked 10 miles over hills and I didn't feel the cup at all. I've also played cricket and didn't feel anything moving about.
Amazing how confident I felt.

As the weather gets warmer and I would normally start feeling nervous about pads and tampons leaking or an odour, I can honestly say I have barely noticed I had my period at all!

I am now a full convert and a little evangelical about telling others about it.


Never going back!

I ordered an organicup about a week ago and I loved it! It came right on time for my period, so I got to use it immediately. Tampons usually give me bad cramps and I have a heavy flow, so I'd be constantly uncomfortable. However, I'm glad I opened my mind to this and got the organicup! I'm no longer getting as bad of cramps and I can actually do things without worrying too much about my period!