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OrganiWash is de ultieme 2-in-1 reiniging voor gebruikers van de menstruatiecup: gebruik het om je cup voor het inbrengen en na het verwijderen te reinigen en als pH-neutrale, intieme wasemulsie voor je lichaam.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash



OrganiWipes zijn gemaakt voor het schoonmaken van OrganiCup op gelegenheden zonder toegang tot schoon water.  Bevat 10 doekjes.

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Based on 478 reviews
Most amazing Experience!!!

The OrganiCup is the best decision I have ever made for my feminine needs!!! Its comfortable and truly an amazing experience! It took me about 3 months to fully appreciate the cup and I am so glad I didn't give up!! Now it's the easiest thing and makes everything so smooth! I honestly forget it's there because it feels so natural!!! I am so grateful to OrganiCup for such a wonderful product ♡♡♡

A great purchase

So happy with this on every level. Better for my body (even though I used organic tampons), but a thousand times better for the environment. It’s also less hassle for me as I only need to empty twice a day on the heavy days. I feel more freedom with it than with tampons. I misplaced my cup and had to use conventional sanitary items this month and was really put out!! I bought another one

Absolutely in love!

This menstrual cup change my mind about period in all sense.
It is easy to insert, remove and comfy during period flow. Free to accidents by the night or during the day.
I'm absolutely in love with this little treasure. Never go back to outdated methods.
Give it a chance and feel freedom!!!

I can feel the environment thanking me.

Super happy I finally converted to the cup! Genuinely the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s like I’m not even on my period as I don’t even feel it inside. Cannot recommend it enough. I mainly decided to finally order it for the environment as I have become more conscious about the amount of waste women produce yearly. So do the YOURSELF and the ENVIRONMENT a favour, and try it as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

Never going back

I love this! It is better for my body, i have always had a problem with tampons making me too dry down there.. the cup makes me feel so free, it is great. And i can sleep naked again during my periods haha! Try it and love it (after getting it right, it took me some time)

It changed my life

OrganiCup completely changed my life. I originally "converted" due to environmental causes, but it's so much better in every other way as well. Convenient, comfortable, cheap. I love it!


If there is anything I would like to change, I wished I got used to it quicker than I did. (Of course I know it’s personal)
I can imagine that there are people that would give up on it after 2 or 3 months, for me it took about double that time to really be confident with it.
But I’m really happy I did stick to it and wouldn’t go back to tampons (or other)
It did help me to get used to it by looking for info at the organicup website etc

Too soft

It’s too soft for me and wouldn’t fold out. Switched to a different brand.

Hi Mary Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you haven't been able to use the OrganiCup. I would love to give you some advice to make it work for you, if you're interested. Did you know that we also offer over a full year of Satisfaction Guarantee? If you do not feel satisfied and would like to claim your guarantee, you can get in touch with support@organicup.com and receive a full refund. Kind regards, Maria
Great product

Takes a bit of getting used to at first but so glad I tried it. Kinder to environment and my body, its a win, win!


Het duurde bij mij een tijdje voordat ik door kreeg hoe het precies in gebracht moest worden, maar nu vind ik het super fijn en ik voel 'm niet zitten. Ik hoef vaak maar 1 keer per dag de cup te legen! Stukken beter voor je vagina dan tampons en dergelijken.

the best decision you can take for your self and the planet

So grateful, that this exists. It is a game changer and life changer. Periods are much more comfortable and enjoyable! You are saving money, environment and making your life easier. Also, I learnt a lot about my body since using the Organic cup. Every woman and girl needs this!


Excellent product! It makes me feel confident and clean. As if that wasn't enough, it lasts for years, which makes it evironmentally-friendly. I should have tried it before! Totally recommend it.

J’aime beaucoup

J’ai eu du mal les premiers jours d’utilisation, mais on prend vite le coup de main, on oublie qu’on a ses règles, on peut se baigner, faire du sport sans risque... Les premiers jours de règles, mon flux est très important je dois donc la changer toutes les 3/4h sans oublier sinon ça peut déborder légèrement... En tout cas maintenant, plus de déchet!

Great choice

It's incredible just how easily you can be rid of all those pads and tampons you needed in the past. It takes a while to get it adjusted just right but once you get the hang of it it's really easy. I'm very satisfied by the cup. And the good impact on the environment is a great bonus!

The new way

I wasn't too sure about using a cup but wanted to try it out because tampons gave such an annoying and uncomfortable dryness the longer your period lasted. Now I'm hooked on the organicup. I have an inconsistent period, with a cup it is easy to just use it during the day when you want to make sure you won't ruin your pants. Without waisting any pads or tampons, what usually happened. I'm a truly happy with using a cup instead of other period products. It is easy to clean and easy to use.

It has been an inconvenience on some occasions while I was traveling and didn't have a sink in the toilet but that only happens one period a year. Just pop it in at home in the morning and take it out 10/12 hours later to rinse it off and use it again 'till the end of your period.

Comfortable and clean

I don't feel anything, it doesn't leak, and I now sometimes even forget I'm on my period. I always felt kind of tired when I was on my period and was always thinking about when to change tampons. Now, since it doesn't leak (with me), I don't feel I'm wearing it and you can leave it in for quite some time, weirdly enough, I feel less tired and not like I used to feel when I had my period. Really like it!

A great discovery

Using the cup has been much easier and more comfortable than I thought. I can wear it all night and don't wake up with the uncomfortable feeling of being wet, or wear it for hours during the day. Also, it's environmentally-friendly and it saves money! I recommend you watch out for promotions on the web!

It makes life easier!

Traveling was the reason I first bought it and now I can’t imagine not having it! Life is easier (and not to mention cheaper). This is the future!!!

So glad I tried organicup!!

I’d been wanting to stop using tampons for some time, and after a lot of procrastination I finally ordered an organicup. I love the little pouch it came in and how the instructions are printed on the packaging - no extra paper. The instructions and video are really clear and helpful. After my first few days of using it I’m completely hooked! I love heading out for the day without having to worry about changing or carrying extra tampons. This really is a game changer! Thank you so much, I’m so grateful for the positive impact organicup has on the environment, and also my life.

Simply the best!

It changed the way I looked at periods. Before it was really uncofortable to time the hours I had to go to the bathroom and to squish the time in my schedule. Now, with the cup I could just empty it when I wake up and when I go to sleep, activities that happen daily; I don't have to plan anything!

It is a single purchase that will change your period! I am also glad that I do not have to buy period products anymore. Just one in 10 years, better than one pack/month.

Brilliant if you don't have problems with it pressing on the vagus nerve

I can't wear tampons as they press on my vagus nerve and make me dizzy, racing heart rate, cold, sweaty or breathless. Wearing pads during exercise such as martial arts (wearing white!) or cycling is really difficult and uncomfortable. So I thought I'd try the cup. I've had about 8 periods using it and have found that it can press on my vagus nerve. I've figured out that I can just about manage to wear it if I try not to let it go too high. I'm still constantly worried a about getting dizzy or fainting so I tend to only wear it for exercise and then remove it. Trying to wear it lower does help but it's not a consistent solution. So it is really good and I'd recommend it but women that have a sensitive vagus nerve it can be difficult still.

Works perfectly

The cup works perfectly and has done since the first time I used it.

So convenient

Very happy with my cup! It was a bit tricky to learn it but now that I've got it figured out it feels great!

Never going back to pads or tampons!

Listen up ladies.
I know it sounds weird. Yes it might be weird the first time you try it, BUT:
-Its way more convenient than tampons or pads (only change 2 times a day!)
-Its more comfortable! No more sweaty pads and tampons that completely dry out your vagina
-Saves a TON of money in the long run
-Way more eco friendly, saves a ton of non-recycleble waste as well
ALSO: great for travelling! You can never forget to bring it (because you know, its inside you). You can work out in them and swim in them!
My periods have truely become way more bearable and I even feel like I have less cramps now then when I was using tampons
Do yourself a favor, just try it!

Game changer

I love this product. It does take some time getting used to it and I have used pads my whole menstruating life and found tampons to be very uncomfortable. This, however, feels like you aren't wearing anything! The money and environment saving aspects of the product are fantastic, but the best thing for me is that I can not feel blood falling every time I move/ sneeze/ walk/ cough etc. It's liberating, I'm not exaggerating here! Try it!