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OrganiWash is de ultieme 2-in-1 reiniging voor gebruikers van de menstruatiecup: gebruik het om je cup voor het inbrengen en na het verwijderen te reinigen en als pH-neutrale, intieme wasemulsie voor je lichaam.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


OrganiWipes zijn gemaakt voor het schoonmaken van OrganiCup op gelegenheden zonder toegang tot schoon water.  Bevat 10 doekjes.

DKK 39,00
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Based on 491 reviews
Freaking love it!

I've just come off my first period using my Organicup and couldn't be more satisfied! I have not used tampons for the best part of 6 years so swapping from pads to a menstrual cup was always going to be tricky for me. I did have some difficulty inserting / taking out but I know that with more practice this will just be a breeze. A tampon user would possibly not have the same issues. Initially I have wondered if the cup is a little too stiff for me as my walls are very sensitive.. However, upon reading reviews of other cups it is my understanding that the softer cups are more for bladder sensitivity than overall vaginal sensitivity so will keep going wth Organicup for now. My cervix is low and this cup did fit me perfectly when I got the position right. I emptied & washed it with me in the shower every morning then emptied into the toilet & washed the cup in the sink again before bed which worked out great for me. This has been my first period in FOREVER with NO leaking onto my bed sheets!! Amazing. The minimal leakage in my knickers in the first two days (when I'm at my heaviest and the cup was full) during the day was undoubtably from me not inserting properly but honestly this isn't an issue for me. Again, this was my first ever time using a cup so it's to be expected, right? Would highly recommend this cup, I only wish I'd switched sooner!! In summary - Mostly comfortable. Zero leakage. Saving the planet!!

Changed. My. Life.

I've been well and truly converted to the Organicup. It has made my periods 1000 times easier and cleaner. The environmental benefits are amazing but the freedom you get from wearing it is a literal game changer!! biggest advocate for this ever. Cannot recommend enough.

Still early days but I'm happy!

So when my cup first arrived, I sterilised it straight away and "tried it on". I read so many reviews saying it was difficult in the beginning. It did take a couple goes to find the most comfortable fold and position but I got there. I think I've adjusted to the cup better than I did to tampons in my teenage years.
I was then super excited for my first period (sad I know!). And it's finally arrived! I wore my cup in anticipation and today I have finally come on. I have a light flow naturally (one of the reasons for purchasing the cup- tampons are a bit too much for me). I feel comfortable and confident wearing my cup and I'm only, what, 2 days in? No leaks yet.
I can't wait to tell all my female friends, and I can't wait to never have to buy tampons or sanitary towels again! I wish I'd tried it years ago, but I'm glad I've done it now. 10/10 recommend you take the plunge and buy one!

I love It

I'm absolutely in love with my OrganiCup. It was by far the best purchase I made this year.

When you get used to it, it's magic

I bleed heavily and the first nights of my period would always be sleepless as I kept bleeding through my pad. I decided to try the OrganiCup to save the expenses and waste of buying pads or tampons.
At first I slept with both pad and cup, and I thought it was just my crazy period that made the cup overflow. But then I contacted customer service and they were EXTREMELY helpful and suggested that I placed the cup lower during the start of my period and it worked like magic!
Wearing the cup gives me a much cleaner feeling and makes my period less of an inconvenient monthly happening and more of a breezy, easy to handle passer by.
Thank you OrganiCup! You're doing great work!

Life changing

I've been using OrganiCup for three periods by now, and I'm simply amazed by how hygienic and comfortable OrgaiCup is!
No more rushing to the supermarket to buy tampons, no more fear of damaging my clothes...
Thank you for this life hack, I'm suggesting it to family and friends!

Never Turning Back to Tampons

I made the decision to buy myself an OrganiCup after my sister had bought one and used it for a while, and I am so glad I did! I can pop it in and I won't have to change it for around 12 hours. I've been using it for about 4 months now and I can honestly say I have only used two tampons in that time. So much cheaper in the long run and better for the environment. It is a little uncomfortable taking it out, but once you get the hang of it, it's fine. The stem of the cup was too long for me and it was quite uncomfortable while it was settling into pIace up there, so i had to cup it make it less uncomfortable which was okay. I would recommend wearing a small panty liner at the same time, just in case!

One of my best decisions

Since I've bought the OrganiCup I haven't had the need of using pads or tampons. It's convenient because while you're on your period you don't have to store it, good for the environment and most importantly, for me, it's so much cheaper than buying pads all year long. Thank you for this amazing invention, periods are not a problem for me anymore!

So worth it!

I considered getting a cup ever since I saw the first commercial. But it took a while reading reviews to actually convince me. Now I am so happy I got mine! It took two or three periods to get a hang of it. We're all different so I experimented a bit with the in/out. But it lasts about 8h, I don't have to worry about leakage and it saves me tons of money! I used to leak everywhere and on anything. I'd leak out lf every pad, tampons were uncomfortable, but the cup changed it all. Def recommned 🙂

Life changer!

I am so happy that my friend told me about menstrual cup. I hated using tampons so had to use uncomfortable pads .. it took me about 1 period to figure out how to put it in and feel comfortable. No more dirty pads in the bin or chemicals in pads or tampons in contact with my body and mainly it is environmentally friendly. I would never go back to using pads... why this hasnt been invented ages ago it is beyond me.

Try it

You wont stay without it! Its safe, comfortable and sustainable! At the start you don't be afraid, you only have to get in confidence with your body. Try it!!

Okay, but not all I hoped for

I've been using the cup for 18 months now, so you can call me a pro 😉
The cup promised a lot of things. On most, it delivered as promised. It is indeed more environmentally friendly. It's easy to insert and remove once you get the hang of it. It's better for your body than regular tampons, but still lets me go swimming during my periode.
The biggest disappointment for me however, was actually also the reason I bought the cup in the first place. I was seduced by the promise of only having to empty the cup twice a day. You see, my bloodflow is very heavy and I've been forced to change pads every 2-3 hours since puberty. I will drip right through the thickest, toughest pads. I'll even have to wake up at night to swap pads or I'll wake up in a bloody stain on my bed. I was hoping for that to change, but the cup has not delivered on this front. I still have to empty the cup every 3-4 hours. After that the cup is just full and I start to get leaks (as in streams of blood running down my legs). So despite what they advertise, the product is not great for women with unusually heavy blood flow. I will always wear a thin pad combined with the cup, so I've got something in place to catch the initial spills.
So overall, I still use the cup. It's a bit better than the pads I used before. But it's not all I hoped for.

Don’t be afraid, it’s worth it! 🙂

Using Organicup is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. B

Most amazing Experience!!!

The OrganiCup is the best decision I have ever made for my feminine needs!!! Its comfortable and truly an amazing experience! It took me about 3 months to fully appreciate the cup and I am so glad I didn't give up!! Now it's the easiest thing and makes everything so smooth! I honestly forget it's there because it feels so natural!!! I am so grateful to OrganiCup for such a wonderful product ♡♡♡

A great purchase

So happy with this on every level. Better for my body (even though I used organic tampons), but a thousand times better for the environment. It’s also less hassle for me as I only need to empty twice a day on the heavy days. I feel more freedom with it than with tampons. I misplaced my cup and had to use conventional sanitary items this month and was really put out!! I bought another one

Absolutely in love!

This menstrual cup change my mind about period in all sense.
It is easy to insert, remove and comfy during period flow. Free to accidents by the night or during the day.
I'm absolutely in love with this little treasure. Never go back to outdated methods.
Give it a chance and feel freedom!!!

I can feel the environment thanking me.

Super happy I finally converted to the cup! Genuinely the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s like I’m not even on my period as I don’t even feel it inside. Cannot recommend it enough. I mainly decided to finally order it for the environment as I have become more conscious about the amount of waste women produce yearly. So do the YOURSELF and the ENVIRONMENT a favour, and try it as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

Never going back

I love this! It is better for my body, i have always had a problem with tampons making me too dry down there.. the cup makes me feel so free, it is great. And i can sleep naked again during my periods haha! Try it and love it (after getting it right, it took me some time)

It changed my life

OrganiCup completely changed my life. I originally "converted" due to environmental causes, but it's so much better in every other way as well. Convenient, comfortable, cheap. I love it!


If there is anything I would like to change, I wished I got used to it quicker than I did. (Of course I know it’s personal)
I can imagine that there are people that would give up on it after 2 or 3 months, for me it took about double that time to really be confident with it.
But I’m really happy I did stick to it and wouldn’t go back to tampons (or other)
It did help me to get used to it by looking for info at the organicup website etc

Too soft

It’s too soft for me and wouldn’t fold out. Switched to a different brand.

Hi Mary Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you haven't been able to use the OrganiCup. I would love to give you some advice to make it work for you, if you're interested. Did you know that we also offer over a full year of Satisfaction Guarantee? If you do not feel satisfied and would like to claim your guarantee, you can get in touch with support@organicup.com and receive a full refund. Kind regards, Maria
Great product

Takes a bit of getting used to at first but so glad I tried it. Kinder to environment and my body, its a win, win!


Het duurde bij mij een tijdje voordat ik door kreeg hoe het precies in gebracht moest worden, maar nu vind ik het super fijn en ik voel 'm niet zitten. Ik hoef vaak maar 1 keer per dag de cup te legen! Stukken beter voor je vagina dan tampons en dergelijken.

the best decision you can take for your self and the planet

So grateful, that this exists. It is a game changer and life changer. Periods are much more comfortable and enjoyable! You are saving money, environment and making your life easier. Also, I learnt a lot about my body since using the Organic cup. Every woman and girl needs this!


Excellent product! It makes me feel confident and clean. As if that wasn't enough, it lasts for years, which makes it evironmentally-friendly. I should have tried it before! Totally recommend it.