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OrganiWash (75 ml) è l’innovativa lavanda 2 in 1 ideale per chi fa uso di coppa mestruale: utilizzarlo per pulire la coppa prima dell’inserzione/dopo la rimozione e come detergente intimo a pH bilanciato.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


Le salviette OrganiWipes sono fatte per pulire OrganiCup quando non si ha a disposizione acqua potabile. Contiene 10 salviette.

DKK 39,00
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Based on 786 reviews
This is great. I love it!

This is my first time using a menstrual cup and I loved it!
It worked from the very beginning. It´s easy to put on, sometimes it opens when you insert it and other you have to open it when inside, but it isn't complicated at all, when you have it inside you can't feel it, I can use it 12 whole hours and it has never leaked. Besides it's better for earth and our health! The only problem I have experienced comes when I have to take it out. It's very difficult to me, but I guess it'll become easier the most I use it.

Cleanest period I've ever had!

I decided to try the menstrual cup after a work colleague told me it was amazing. I ordered mine immediately after some research and actually couldn't wait to get my period.

From the off, it was plain sailing. No leaks, odour. In day two of my period, I hiked 10 miles over hills and I didn't feel the cup at all. I've also played cricket and didn't feel anything moving about.
Amazing how confident I felt.

As the weather gets warmer and I would normally start feeling nervous about pads and tampons leaking or an odour, I can honestly say I have barely noticed I had my period at all!

I am now a full convert and a little evangelical about telling others about it.


Never going back!

I ordered an organicup about a week ago and I loved it! It came right on time for my period, so I got to use it immediately. Tampons usually give me bad cramps and I have a heavy flow, so I'd be constantly uncomfortable. However, I'm glad I opened my mind to this and got the organicup! I'm no longer getting as bad of cramps and I can actually do things without worrying too much about my period!


I discovered Organicup a couple of years ago and fairly late on (I was 47) having always relied on tampons prior to that. Both from a personal and environmental standpoint I was thrilled, it is easy to use, comfortable and so convenient. Few mishaps when I first started using but once I go the hang of it, no problems, I love this product and will encourage my daughter to try it out when she needs to consider what to use. Wish I had found it years ago.


subito dopo averla acquistata ho iniziato ad usarla, e mi sono trovata benissimo!
basta avere un po' di confidenza con il proprio corpo, prendersi del tempo per inserirla con calma. non fa male inserirla, non fa male toglierla, se non riesci al primo tentativo, riprova!
perfetta, ecologica, comoda, la consiglio a tutte!
e poi finalmente posso rinunciare agli assorbenti, che ho sempre detestato a causa dell'odore, della scomodità nel doverli cambiare, e per il costo che ho dovuto sempre sostenere da sola.

grazie organicup!

No lo recomiendo si tienes flujo abundante.

Compré la talla A, porque no he dado a luz vaginalmente. Sin embargo, tengo la menstruación abundante. Durante cuatro meses, los 2 primeros días de mi menstruación lo pasaba mal porque la copa se llenaba y tenía que cambiarme cada hora, y me manchaba los pantalones, no iba cómoda. Sin embargo, al final decidí hablar con mi ginecólogo y me recetó pastillas anticonceptivas con el propósito de regular la menstruación. Desde entonces es normal, no es abundante, la copa no se llena nunca y puedo decir que estoy súper contenta. ¿Lo recomiendo? Sí, es muy cómoda, fácil de usar. ¿Es para todas las mujeres? Creo que no. He tenido que ''hormonarme'' para poder disfrutarla.


I had been tossing up the idea of a menstrual cup for quite a while as I’d seen lots of “horror stories” on YouTube about them spilling everywhere but decided to bite the bullet and get one because I wanted to cut down on my waste. It has got to be one of THE BEST decisions I have ever made. It’s a little tricky at first but after using it for the first week it just becomes so simple and easy. Once I got the hang of putting it in and knowing when it’s in properly it has just become such a lifesaver. I can leave it in for 12 hours so I don’t have to worry about emptying it when I’m out and even if I have too, a lot of bathrooms have sinks in them so there’s no worry about having to rinse it in front of people. I’ve never had any issue with it spilling and it only leaked once at the very beginning because I hadn’t put it in right but it is almost impossible for it to completely spill out because of how it works when it’s in properly. I don’t know why it took me so long to get one and I have raved about it to all of my friends because it is honestly a life changer. There needs to be way more advertisement about menstrual cups because mine is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Not to mention it’s a 1 time payment that last SO much longer than pads of tampons. Could not recommend more!!!!!

Overall gets the job done

I really like this cup and i get a good seal and no leaks with it. It sits pretty low and even with what I would consider a average flow I feel like I couldn't wear it for the full 12 hours without it needing emptied. Although if your on the fence about ordering it I would say its worth it to try because who knows it may be your perfect cup. I will also add I have never been one to like using tampons and while it's hard to get the cup placed right and make sure it opens up once I get it in I dont really even know it's there which is a huge plus also removal of the cup id super easy and so much more comfortable then removing a tampon which can br scratchy. I have had 2 babies vaginally so I ordered the size b cup.


Ik had al wel eens eerder gelezen over de menstruatiecup en het sprak mij wel aan. Toch vond ik het idee met zo’n cupje vol bloed een beetje gek. Doordat ik toch erg nieuwsgierig was ben ik het gaan proberen. Ik was meteen verkocht! Eigenlijk is het idee van volgezogen tampons veel viezer. Het is even iets waar je aan moet wennen maar voor mij wegen de voordelen hier zeker tegenop! Nooit meer op de klok kijken hoe laat het is, om te weten of je je tampon weer moet vervangen. Nooit meer stiekem een tampon uit je tas te hoeven pakken en deze wegmoffelen om mee te nemen naar de wc. In de ochtend breng ik de cup in, en deze hoef ik pas weer te verschonen als ik weer thuis ben. Zo’n 8 a 9 uur later. Heerlijk! Ik wil nooit meer zonder. Ongesteld zijn is voor mij nu zeker wat minder vervelend geworden!

Tricky at first, but worth it

I heard about the OrganiCup through a podcast and decided to try it. It was intimidating at first and took some getting used to, but after about 3 periods and getting support from the OrganiCup website, I am comfortable using it. It feels great to know it's better for the environment AND our bodies!

Love it!

This cup came to make my life better, so much benefits for my periods, for my wallet and for the enviroment! Wish I had discover Organicup before. <3

User about a year now

I have been using OrganiCup for a year now & definitely not going back to tampons. It's not all nice, taking it out and so on, but it's effective, friendly for the environment & you don't have to change it aa often as other products. I have only one concern with it and it might be just me, but when I dance it tends to fall down a bit. But otherwise still my favorite product for my period.

Great experience, but didn't work for me

I am really satisfied with the delivery time, the cardboard package and the little cotton bag. Everything was fine, except that it didn't work for me because I have heavy flows. I always had leaks and couldn't do anything to prevent it except for look for another menstrual cup. However, I would always recommend it to my friends who don't have problems such as mine

Hi Milena. Thanks for your review! I am sorry to hear that you wasn't able to use the cup. Did you try experimenting with a different size? Also, it's well worth it to try placing the cup differently in the vaginal canal (higher, lower / at an angle), or even inverting the cup to see if that will help with leakage. I'd recommend wearing a pantyliner while getting used to the cupin order to avoid leakage while figuring it out. If you still do not feel comfortable with the cup, please let me know via support@organicup.com and we will refund the order for you entirely! Maria, OrganiCup

I'm really happy that I was introduced to the Organicup. My period life has changed and I'm now almost looking forward to my periods, because I know that with this solution, I will not be uncomfortable. It takes a bit of getting used to and even now it's possible to not get it right- as with a tampon or a pad- but once I got used to it I won't ever go back. It is saving me so much money- all I need to do is carry it with me all the time, and my mind is at rest. Every time I use it I realise that I'm saving the earth from 2 or more tampons, and that on its own is mind boggling. Also, I love the fact that I can wear it for 12 hours, so even if it's a long day I barely need to think about my period.

Hands down one of the best inventions ever.

Two sides to every story!

I really love the cup and the concept, buuut i got really stretched from using it. I was really disappointed because it happend so fast. I'm using the small size now, haven't had kids but now i am suddenly so stretched it's leaking. I think it's important that organicup informs about this. Luckily there are ways to get it back by working it out, so it's not hopeless, but really saddend by it.

Hi there Liljah. THanks for your 4 star review. The cup doesn't stretch out the vagina, as the muscles are incredibly elastic and will not be permanently stretched by a menstrual cup. It may be that the size you used didn't fit you very well, and you may be better off with a size Mini for better usability and comfort. Your leakage may very well be due to other issues such as positioning, the unfolding or vacuum - please get in touch with support@organicup.com and they will do everything they can to solve your issues! 🙂 Kind regards, Maria
Love it and recomend it

This product is amazing! Now it’s been a year since I tried organicup. At first I had some leakage, but it was because I didn’t find my perfect folding methode. When I realised what works best for me, since that day I didn’t have any lekage. Right now for 3 months I mixed organicup with period underwear, and this combination works the best for me (I use this combination mostly at nights, because at first two days my periods are pretty heavy). After changing to this, I’ve never been happier about my periods!
Also recomended organicup to my friends and guess what?! They love organicup too!

Compare to diva cup

I have been using diva cups for years.
And I wanted a new cup and not easy to get a diva cup in Israel.
I came across the organicup so I ordered. Unfortunately It didn't work for me. It was different in the feeling and the comfort. Next period I went back to my good old divacups...

But that's me...

Hi there Tal. I am sorry to hear that the OrganiCup wasn't for you! That's entirely okay, however, as we recognize that everybody is unique and some will find a different firmness/shape/size etc. more pleasureable. Don't forget that we have a Satisfaction Guarantee that covers an entire year, so you can definitely try a different size and/or have your money back if you don't feel 100% satisfied! Kind regards, Maria
Disappointing: It leaks

I was actually excited to try this cup but got disappointed.
It leaks.
I've put it on correctly every time, including the very first attempt and even heard the 'pop' sound as it vacuum seals but after an hour the cup leaks. This has happened every day of my period for the past three months and I've had enough.
My flow is very light so that's not a factor. Now I have to use a pad so it doesn't leak onto my clothes, which is one of the reasons I bought the cup in the first place - to eliminate pad and tampon usage.
I am not happy at all.

Hi Joy. Thanks for your review - I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with leakage. There can be various reasons for leaking, even if you have a light flow. I would definitely recommend you get in touch with our support team so we can try our hardest to guide you to a leak-free OrganiCup experience. Please send an email describing your particular issues with leakage to support@organicup.com. If this doesn't solve your issues, and you don't want to continue with the OrganiCup, you always make use of our Satisfaction Guarantee and receive all your money back. Kind regards, Maria
I highly recommend it

I like to use it, I always used tampons but I am a virgin so when I put it on the first two times and I took it out it was really painful, even when I had seen hundreds of videos about how to use it. I recommend it but I also recommend patience, after that couple of times, I started to love it. despite the pain I highly recommend it.

Why didn't I do it before??

Using the menstrual cup changed my life. It became my vocation to convince as many women as possible to at least try it as an alternative to pads/tampons. It is so easy, CHEAP, stress-free, and comfortable that I really don't know how I was surviving before trying it. I remember I was aaaaalways uncomfortable, I had irritated skin with pads, plus the sound (ewww) and the grandma undies! Nothing you have to worry about. And your wallet will thank you too! TRY it!!

Life Changing

Absolutely the best decision I ever made, so much simpler than pads/tampons because you dont have to think about it for hours after putting it in. The first few times it was tricky to get used to gripping and releasing the ‘vacuum’ but after some practice I feel so confident and have got to understand my own body a bit more. Would 100% recommend - good for you and amazing for the environment!

You dont even feel it inside!

I thought I'd feel weird carrying something like that inside me the whole time but as it turns out, I don't feel it at all! It's amazing, girls! Good for your wallet, the environment and you.

Never ever back to tampons or sanitary towels

This is iT! Wish they invented this 27 years ago, when i started having my periods. Never felt so clean and never ever felt so convident during my period. And good for the environment to! Recommend iT to all women💕


This product is absolute lifesaver. I can’t imagine my life without it now. This is so easy to use, it saves soooo much money and of course helps to save our planet. There are endless reasons to buy it an 0 not to. I am happy and satisfied!!

Not as Effective as alternatives

I used a DivaCup for years and eventually it has to be replaced. This cup was having a BOGO sale so I figured I would try it out in size A since I’ve never given birth. This cup leaks and is not suitable for usage overnight. Issues I never had with DC. Unsatisfied with this purchase.

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues! Every body is anatomically unique and different, so of course we do not expect it to work perfectly for everyone. We would love to help you out as best we can - could you please get in touch with support@organicup.com so the team can provide their best advice. If you'd prefer a refund of your cup, you can use our Satisfaction Guarantee and receive all your money back immediately 🙂 Just pop a mail at support@organicup.com describing your situation and they will take care of it. Kind regards, Maria from OrganiCup