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The ultimate 2-in-1 cleanser (75ml): use it to cleanse your cup before insertion/after removal and as a pH-balanced intimate wash for your body.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


For cleaning OrganiCup on occasions without access to clean water and for sanitizing the cup between periods. Contains 10 wipes.

DKK 39,00
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Inner Beauty @ Danish Beauty Award 2017

Friday the 28th of April, OrganiCup had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring Danish Beauty Award 2017. This year a new category “Inner Beauty” was added to the award show, in which we had the pleasure of presenting the OrganiCup Award – awarded to a product that focuses on beauty from within. 
The philosophy of inner beauty is consistent with our values as OrganiCup is a product that’s worn internally. The majority of us are concerned with what we eat and put on our bodies. We believe it’s equally important to highlight products that focus on what we put inside our bodies. 
Before the show start we were joined by some great people in the OrganiCup lounge where we introduced our signature cocktail OrganiCup’s Rhubarb Red to the world.

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