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OrganiWash (75 ml) es un limpiador 2 en 1 óptimo para usuarias de copa menstrual. Se utiliza para limpiar la copa antes de su inserción o después de su retirada y también es un jabón íntimo con pH neutro.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


OrganiWipe sirve para limpiar la OrganiCup cuando no hay acceso a agua limpia. Contiene 10 toallitas.

DKK 39,00
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Based on 910 reviews
Life changing

The cups works very well and keep me clean and dry during periods. Especially prevents the odours that you could get.
It’s always good to have reusable products and saved a lot of waste on pads every month.

The products comes with a very nice pockets that you can keep your cup well when not in use.

I would like to specially thank the organicup staff for their efforts to help me on the overseas shipping!! The mail service get tricky while shipping to Asia, but they are very helpful and I enjoyed the product very well at last!!!

I love this product!

I was skeptical at first about tying a cup but I’m really really glad I decided to give it a try. I’m never going back to “normal” period products ever again.

Extremely useful

I wanted a reusable alternative to reduce the amount of waste I am producing. I chose a cup over reusable pads because it seemed to be less of a fuss, easier to clean and more practical while traveling.
The OrganiCup seems very well designed. I figured out how to use it within seconds on the first try. I am a virgin who only ever wore pads so that's impressive.
The OrganiCup is soft and smooth, but feels very stable once you insert it. I'm a professional horse rider and have no issues whatsoever while riding. Sleeping is also comfortable and I can twist and turn without a thought.
Also, can I just appreciate that the OrganiCup arrived in just a cardboard box with a organic cotton pouch (best cotton I've ever seen) and the silicone cup. No plastic/naylon packaging! Also no unnecessary coloring.

You can do wear whatever you want

I have been used my menstrual cup for a couple of months and I couldn't be happier. I am not used to do reviews, this is probably the second time that I ever give feedback about a product.
I want to keep this real and give my honest opinion.
First of all, I really enjoy the fact that I just need to wash it and use it again. It is pretty easy and you really get to know how your body works and how much fluid you really have, because sometimes you can be mistaken.
Secondly, it is kind of hard to insert it. It hurts a little and the cup is hard to hold when you do the "c" shape or any other shape. I have to insert it a couple of times so I feel that it is safe, and will not leak.
Finally, yesterday I was at a wedding, omg it was amazing. Second day period and went to the bathroom several times because I was drinking a lot. Not even a leak. I was wearing a dress and thongs. This menstrual cup is really something amazing.
This is life changing for any kind of party or event.
Wish there was more sizes and different materials or shapes. But it is a great menstrual cup. Great experience. Thank you.

Ti cambia la vita

Dopo tanti tentennamenti ho deciso finalmente di comprarla dal consiglio di un’amica. All’inizio sono rimasta scioccata perchè sembrava piccolissima. Il primo giorno di utilizzo ho invocato i santi per capire come metterla dentro e altrettanto per capire come tirarla fuori. Però già dal secondo giorno, si è rivelato un miracolo. Bisogna capire come funziona, anche a seconda del proprio corpo..ma dopo, notti tranquilli e giorni ancora più tranquilli. Non mi sono accorta di avere il ciclo. Zero problemi. Zero sprechi. Zero odori. Zero dolori. Per sicurezza uso sempre il salvaslip, ma non serve mai. Pur avendo un flusso abbastanza abbondante, posso tenerla anche 12 ore dal primo giorno, una pacchia. Avrei voluto averla scoperta prima. Provatela!


Erg fijn product! Makkelijk in gebruik en geen broeierig gevoel meer zoals met tampons. Ik voel me schoon en fris.


it did took me a few tries before i got it right, but when i did it was simply great-no more waste, no more wories about timing...
thank you!


I bought this cup as I am trying to minimise waste and thought it was an excellent buy. Unfortunately from the minute I put it in it was leaking, I tried readjusting it and made sure it was in perfectly but it continued to leak. The words vacuum seal made me think that the cup would stay put but by the time I went to pull it out I couldn’t find it as it had travelled much further inside me than expected meaning that getting it out was a nightmare! It took me a good 5 minutes and lots of different positions before I finally got it. Now unsure of what to use as waste free period care.

Hi Annie! Sorry to hear that you've had some trouble with getting the OrganiCup to work. The two most common reasons for leaking are that the positioning is wrong or that the cup hasn't opened up fully! However sometimes it is also an issue of size. Please send us an email to support@organicup.com where we can make sure that you'll be happy with your OrganiCup experience! 🙂 All the best, Sophie (OrganiCup support)
Descobrir novamente o período

Comprar o Organic cup é como descobrirmos efetivamente novamente o conceito de menstruação, todas nós passamos por isso quando pedimos ajuda às nossas mães que nos entregam o primeiro penso ou tampão. Com Organic cup este conceito muda na primeira menstruação em que temos um primeiro dia de adaptação mas depois tudo se torna simples e seguro e extramente confortável. Acabam-se fugas, cheiros e gastos mensais com produtos descartáveis.
Adaptei-me desde a primeira menstrução.


Non tornerei mai più ad assorbenti scomodi e poso igienici..vivevo con l’ansia di uscire di casa durante il ciclo! Ora ho provato a star con la coppetta fino a 10 ore e posso garantire che non ho più pensieri. Consiglio a tutte le donne!!!


I admit I was one of those people who felt uncomfortable at the very idea of a menstrual cup. I have heavy periods and use lots of tampons and towels together and so was conscious about the waste and impact on the environment. I decided to suck it up and give it a try.

I really can’t express how much better this is. I haven’t had any leaks yet. I can wear this overnight. And it is easy to get in and out. I regularly use tampons so had no issue. The only thing is it is unpleasant in a public toilet to buy the wipes. But other than that. And I’m weirdly fascinated by the liquid that collects in the cup. You think you know your period but you don’t until you get up close and personal with the cup. I don’t have the irritation that comes with tampon use, it doesn’t affect your natural balance. I also haven’t noticed any smell - I feel so much cleaner.
It’s a weird concept I totally understand but try it and see if it’s for you . I’ve been telling all my family and girlfriends. It does make life easier and you hardly know it’s there. Periods are a breeze now!

Great, once you get the hang of it

It took me a couple months to get used to, but now that I'm used to it I love it. Prepare to probably have a learning curve. The switch was absolutely worth it. Highly recommend.

I like it

I have used menstrual cup for years. I needed a knew one and was not totally satisfied with the previous brand because it was stiff. I browsed the internet for cup options and I totally can be on board for OrganiCup's intention to change the world one cup at a time. Now I have had so many sicles with my organicup, so it is safe to say that I am content with it. It is not stiff, it is pleasent to place in as well take it out.

OrganiCup has changed my life!

I can’t describe how much OrganiCup has changed my life! It is AMAZING! I was also the type of person who was terrified of using tampons (never once in my life used them!) I’ve always been a sanitary towel kinda girl.
However, I’ve always hated the environmental impact of sanitary towels and tampons that I thought I’d give this a whirl - also being 100% terrified at the same time, especially of getting it stuck inside me. But after lots of research, I realised this isn’t really possible. At first I practiced using it before a period, trying to get the hang of it and the C fold turned out to be my fave and I’ve used it now for 2 periods.
I’ve been on holiday, swimming in the pool, playing water polo, aqua yoga etc. with it in and absolutely no leaks whatsoever. Nothing. I can’t even tell it’s in there... it is amazing. I have never in my life swam whilst being on my period and I’m 25!!
I’ve had it in all day at a festival, without feeling a thing. It’s so easy to remove once you’ve got the hang of it and I change it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after the shower.
No smells (everyone knows the horrible period smell), it feels super hygienic, surprisingly comfortable and more importantly NO WASTE!
I love my OrganiCup - 100% life convert. THANK YOU for changing my period and my life - not even an understatement!

Life changer

I'm satisfied with every aspect of my transition to the Organicup. After being a loyal pad user for 10 years and recently transitioning to mixed use of tampons and pads last year I was weary of the puddle of blood from pads and the chances of TSS from tampons (as I am quite forgetful). With a menstrual cup my days of worrying are gone, no more changing pads multiple times a day no more setting alarms to change tampons (not to mention a very dry situation from the tampon soaking all fluids - even natural ones). I'm just so glad to have given this a go. I will only have to replace the cup 2 or 3 times in the future before I will mature into menopause and honestly Organicup is the best one out there as it's organic and amazing for the environment.

One thing to make a point of is that it's important to clean out the airholes in the cup when you're washing it out and just make sure to wash it properly and the period cup wipes are very helpful and many other brands do these.

I can't stress enough how life changing this has been - just wanna shout it off the rooftops! Can proudly say I'm now a menstrual cup advocate 🙂

I’ll never use tampons again!

I had been curious about menstrual cups for a while and when I finally decided to give them a try I found that Organicup was the best based on the info on the website and reviews. Everything I had read is true (: I’m never getting back to tampons: Organicup is healthier, more convenient, better for me and the planet!


Ho deciso di provare la coppetta dopo aver avuto ripetuti pruriti intimi durante la calda estate dovuti a proteggislip e assorbenti.
Alcune amiche me ne avevano già parlato molto bene, ma non ho mai osato provare. E invece ho scoperto che è eccezionale. Mi è piaciuta subito e non ho avuto praticamente problemi. Comodissima, mi dimentico quasi di averla.
Peccato non averla scoperta/provata prima...🔝


Why oh why haven't I tried this before. I can't say it was easy to learn how to place the cup and it was messy the first times, but I was determined and persistent, now I can't live without this. It's heavenly to realize you can totally forget about your period when you're using the cup!

truly an amazing product!

i used to struggle with pads and tampons during my period but the organicup has made life so much easier for me. it is undoubtedly a healthy, environmentally-friendly and comfortable option during periods and i would love to recommend this cup to every women out there.

Happy to have Organicup

I bought this cup in January, I'm using it since then. I was afraid that it will make my cramps worse, but it didn't, it stayed more or less the same. Once you get used to insertion and removal, it's perfect. I am so pleased to have Organicup, that I bought few as birthday presents for my friends. Since I know they want to try it. Also the last shipping was super fast. Thank you.

OrganiCup is amazing!

I have been using OrganiCup for 3 cycles now, and it has been excellent.
I chose the Size A which leaked slightly, but OrganiCup were kind and promptly sent me a size up to try, which has worked wonders. OrganiCup is a wonderful, helpful company and their product is the best period product on the market.
I have recommended to family and friends and will never turn back to traditional period products.

Better than Diva

I picked up 2 during an Amazon special. One for me and the other for a friend who has asked me about my Diva. Loved it immediately. Used my Diva the other day and had leaks. The Organi is a much better fit for me. I would reccomend to anyone who asks.

After getting used to it, it's perfect

I always took a messy period for granted... but it doesn't has to be messy!

The first time using the cup was quite hard. I didn't put it in right, so I leaked a bit (was only once though, after carefully reading the instructions, I got it into the right place). Getting it out was also hard at first. But after a few days I got the hang of it.
If you bleed a lot, you need to change your cup regularly, but in the end you can leave it in for almost an entire day without even noticing you're bleeding. If you change the cup in time, your hands won't get bloody at all, in fact, nothing down there will be bloody! It's perfect. When I'm on my period, I always feel like there is an odor around me, but I don't smell that while using the cup.
You can do every activity with this cup, because it won't leak.
And if you don't get it in right at the first time, read their tips. They want you to have a good experience, and that surely is possible. So don't use it once and reject it... because it's a game changing cup! You'll love it.

Useful and revolutionary

I bought OrganiCup some days ago and I followed all the instructions. I wore it a few days before the beginning of menstruation and I just realized that this new method is really comfortable and it fits very well to woman's body. I feel even more natural and spontaneous in dealing with menstruation than before. I think this method is cleaner and safer, I feel better with myself and society and people in general around me because I'm not afraid to get dirty or to have to find a clean toilet in a little time near me. I hope that this product could become famous and could be integrated in sexual education in schools in order to teach young girls to use it and to feel good with theirselves. I think OrganiCup could be the solution for a new sustainable and eco-friendly future for all of us.

The product that makes my period feel less like a chore

I heard about organicup on a Facebook ad about 2 years ago. A friend of mine was already using a menstrual cup, and she strongly recommended it to me. As someone who's had a very heavy flow for ten years running, and ruined countless bed sheets, panties and trousers because of leakage (be it with tampons, pads or both ) I was just looking for an alternative option that might allow me to wear my favourite skirt, go swimming or go to the gym without concerns of discomfort or leakage. Also, I decided to try out something more environmentally conscious. So I decided to invest and order my organicup. It took my a while to get the hang of it, but now I use it for every cycle, on every occasion, and I haven't ruined any bedding or clothing since. The cup is as good as new and I don't have to worry about my period the way I used to. 10/10 would recommend.