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OrganiWash (75 ml) es un limpiador 2 en 1 óptimo para usuarias de copa menstrual. Se utiliza para limpiar la copa antes de su inserción o después de su retirada y también es un jabón íntimo con pH neutro.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


OrganiWipe sirve para limpiar la OrganiCup cuando no hay acceso a agua limpia. Contiene 10 toallitas.

DKK 39,00
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The best option

I’m so happy to be helping the environment with this habit change and being very comfortable at the same time. Will definitely recommend it to other friends.


I tried the Organic Cup last month and it was perfect. For the first time since I got my period ( under 10 years now), I felt comfortable and safe. There was no leakage, I didn't have to worry about having enough products, I didn't have to worry about taking my pads or tampons with me in my bag when I was going out, I didn't have to worry about heavy flow or changing my pads. It's nice to go about your day and being care-free on your period. I'm so glad I switched to a healthier and more ecological product, not only is it good for me but it is good for the environment. I'm never going back!

Can't get the cup out

I've tried everything now, and the cup is completely stuck. I might have to go see a doctor to get it out.

Hi Sigrid, Sorry to hear you're struggling with removal. It is not uncommon to become nervous and tense when the time comes to remove your cup for the first few times. You will find that just by adjusting a couple of things, removal will go much smoother and mess-free. Always remember that the cup cannot get stuck or disappear inside you - it will always come out! The key is to engage your abdominal muscles to push the cup down (if you can't reach the stem), pull the stem lightly until you can pinch the bottom of the cup to release the suction seal and then slowly wiggle it out, then empty the collected flow in the toilet or sink. Do remember - if you're not able to relax in that moment, take some time and try again later. We're more than available to give you some more tips if needed as well - just get in touch with support@organicup.com. Best, Madalena
Love love love!

I’m so happy that I purchased my OrganiCup! I love their minimal packaging and products. This truly has changed my period experience for the better.

Best Discovery ever

Buy this!! It makes your life so much easier!

My first cup...and last menstrual product

I bought my Organicup at the suggestion of the Put a Cup In It quiz and my first impression was delight at how little packaging their was! No excess package and the only plastic was one little sticker. I made the switch to a cup in order to further reduce my waste in the world, so it was exciting to buy from a brand that was so in line with those values.

When I first used it I was one of the lucky ones for whom it popped open on the first try and didn’t leak at all! I wasn’t that lucky through my whole cycle, but for the most part it was a great experience and I can’t imagine going back to disposable period products.

Should’ve Swapped Sooner!

Honestly so impressed w the organicup. Took a day or so to get used to it but found all the info on both the box and website invaluable.

Used it for the first time on my most recent period, while camping and spending time on the beach, and it was absolutely fantastic! No worrying about leaking, that my tampon string might be hanging out my bikini and no extra hassle of carrying tampons and pads!

So easy to use and so much more convenient. Besides being super eco-friendly, which was the main reason I purchased, I’m so glad it’s a cost I can save on now as will never need to buy other sanitary products again.

Cannot recommend enough and really regret not making the change sooner!


I've been using the cup for two periods so far and I'm already in love (even if I'm still practising how to put it in the right way bc sometimes it leaks). The best purchase that I made. I'll never go back to pads or tampons after using it.

It’s leak

I’ve purchase Mini size last month and just try in this period for 3 days. (I have to use pad in other days because leakage)
It’s leak, i have try re insert many times and check for the vacuum, still don’t work.
The cup doesn't full at all, just 20minutes form insertion.
I don’t know what’s the problem size?

Hi Kana! It sounds like it's either an insertion or size issue. When inserted correctly, the cup shouldn't leak at all if it’s not completely full. For this, you have to make sure the suction seal is created and that the cup is completely unfolded inside you. After inserting, you should pinch the bottom of the cup (or insert your index finger alongside the cup) and slighlty rotate it until it unfolds without any dents around and until it doesn't move downwards when pulling the stem. This is how you know the suction seal is in place. You can also try experimenting with a higher/lower position and different folds so that it does the mentioned more easily. It can also be that you need a bigger size, such as size A, for it to properly fit. If after 90 days you decide that you'd prefer a bigger size, you can request a size exchange by getting in touch with support@organicup.com and providing a proof of purchase. This is valid for up to a year after purchase. Hope this helps! Madalena
Best decision I ever made

If, for whatever reason, you're questioning whether you should make the transition from standard period products to the Organicup, I urge you to do it! I was reluctant to make the change; I was worried that - as a pad wearer - I wouldn't be able to make the cup work for me, and wasn't sure how I felt about it as a general method of period care. However, I made the change for environmental reasons and was determined to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did!
I have never felt more secure during my time of the month; in comparison to pads and tampons, the best way to describe the Organicup is "freeing". I can wear whatever I like and still feel completely looked after.
It did take me a few tries to get the "knack", but now that I have it has never let me down. No more popping to the loo every hour or so, and no more horrid "pad smell" - I know you know what I mean! To be honest, there have been times where I've forgotten it's even there, or that I'm even on my period at all, and if that's not magic then I'm not sure what is!
So if, like me, you're curious to give it a go but are unsure whether it's for you, please try it out! You won't be disappointed!

Definitely recommend!

I was skeptic but after one period I was convinced, better quality of life and hygiene.

Innamorarsene al primo ciclo e dire per sempre al secondo ciclo

Ero perplessa poi ho letto un sacco di blog e di recensioni, chiesto ad amiche che la usavano e alla fine l'ho acquistata. Al primo ciclo le normali difficoltà di inserimento, qualche dubbio su "funzionerà" ma me ne sono innamorata subito. Sarà stato che ho iniziato ad usarla d'estate, con il caldo, al mare e ne ho apprezzato subito i vantaggi. Invisibile, discreta, pulita e inodore =)- Ora sono al secondo ciclo e veramente man mano diventa più semplice e te ne dimentichi. La libertà è impagabile e no non tornerei mai indietro. Peccato averla scoperta tardi. A #newperiod is real coming

End of a smelly period

So last week I tried organicup for the first time. I admit, it's really hard to put it in successfully, because I never used tampons before and haven't had the slightest idea if it was ok and was scared it will fall out. It didn't. I did have a hard time to get used to it and it was weird having it inside, but I believe I made a good choice choosing this cup over period pads. Especially now that is summer. My skin gets all itchy and smelly when I have period in summer months. But after buying organicup, I feel like my days of uncomfort and throwing away money every month are finally over.

Life changing!

What a great invention! I have suffered from very heavy periods since the birth of my son a few years ago.. night super pads during the day, super plus extra tampons, and at night some paper incontinence pants too in case all else failed!
The cup combined with some material pads (I get a bit of leakage at night) has cut down on my sanitary waste 100%.
Thank you!!

So disappointed

I have now used the organic cup for app. nine months and it really does not work for me. I have tried several of the recommended methods to insert it and every time I have ensured that vacuum is created and it still leaks almost all the time.
I have used it for all of my period (five days) for all nine months and all the time I have to use a pad (which I realy don't like) to make sure I don't leak through my pants.
For now I will need to back to tampons bacuase I know I can trust them. But I would really prefer using a cup -for the environment and it is cheaper for me in the long run. I hope you one day come up with one that "fits me".

Hi Viki! I'm truly sorry to hear that OrganiCup hasn't worked out for you. I can't find any orders attached to your email, so I don't know which size you have tried but perhaps a new size might be the solution? In any case please make sure to write us an email at support@organicup.com and we'll sort things out.
Just what I needed!

If you hate going to the bathroom every hour to change your pad or tampon, this is the solution. Organicup has given me freedom to not worry about my period during the day. It is also very comfortable and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

It might be scary at first, and difficult to find your perfect angle, but once you find it, you never want to go back! Plus an added bonus is you save on so much money every month!

I used to get a lot of cramps and pain during my first days and with Organicup, my periods have become almost imperceptible. It is truly a miracle! I 100% recommend!

Organicup mini

I purchased organicup mini a month ago. It works perfectly! It is very comfortable and it was actually easy to insert and use. I highly recommend it to any girl! So glad I made the switch. The instructions are very helpful and it came in a cardboard box, so no plastic! I'm so glad I can reduce plastic this way too. Thank you organicup!

Doctor’s opinion

As an ObGyn I widely recommend it. I have seen a lot of different brand menstrual cups and this is the best I’ve seen so far. The material and consistency are very convenient for the application and extraction. Great product

Perfect solution

I'm super happy with the cup. It's comfortable, quick and feels way cleaner than tampons.
Please give it a try if it doesn't work out for you the first time. I tried a lot of times in the beginning, but once you succeed you don't want it different anymore.


Organicup is everything you want it to be and more. swear to goddess. No waste, no pain, all practical.

Best buy

I wanted to mimimise waste during mensturation and after looking at reviews decided to purchase the Organi Cup. I would never go back to anything else!

I am an extremely active person and the organicup does not stop me from doing anything. It is comfortable (I forgot I am using it sometimes), easy to use and discreet to carry around. I absolutely love this product and recommend it to everyone. I barely mean when using it and have it in all day without any issues.

Um filme de terror mesmo

Comprei o Orgamicup A há pouco tempo e hoje experimentei bastante entusiasmada ,li todas as instruções religiosamente e inúmeros videos de forma a certificar-me de que faria tudo correctamente. O Organicup é MUITO rígido e como tal ao tentar retilá-lo nao conseguia quebrar o vácuo de forma nenhuma.... tentei de várias formas mas tive que gastar dinheiro numa consulta em um Hospital privado para ter o Organicup removido por um médico. Foi bastante traumático e causou dor e lesões no canal vaginal. Foi a pior experiência da minha vida no que toca a soluções menstruais.

Olá Filipa! Antes de mais, lamentamos que tenhas tido de passar por essa experiência. As rápidas melhoras! Quero relembrar-te que oferecemos uma garantia de satisfação - o que significa que podes entrar em contacto com support@organicup.com e pedir o teu dinheiro de volta após 90 dias e até 1 ano desde a data de compra. Em alternativa, podes também pedir um tamanho diferente (mais pequeno no teu caso), como o nosso tamanho Mini, que é mais flexível - mas também tem menos capacidade. Podes ler mais em www.organicup.com/introducing-organicup-mini. Temos a noção de que o copo pode não resultar conforme desejado para todas as pessoas - há designs, materiais, tamanhos que resultam melhor ou pior conforme a anatomia e fluxo de cada indivíduo. Mas aprendemos também que pode demorar 2-3 ciclos até apanhar o jeito do copo a 100%, daí a garantia de satisfação após os 90 dias. Espero que encontres a solução menstrual reutilizável indicada para ti - seja um copo diferente ou outra alternativa! Por favor não hesites em contactar-nos se pudermos ajudar em mais alguma coisa ou esclarecer alguma dúvida, agora ou mais tarde. Cumprimentos, Madalena
Amazing !!

Used my organicup for the 1st time today at the beginning of my period . So comfortable when I figured out how to insert it in properly.

No Odors or uncomfortable irritations that a pad would give ! I’m so so happy and will definitely be using it for the rest of my life. Definitely would recommend to a friend !

Thanks Organicup Team 🎉❤️


I can't recommend this enough! I was hoping it would be a good alternative to tampons and pads, but honestly I wasn't expecting it to be better than them! Took me a couple of tries to get the best fold and positioning exactly right but after that I have to say its improved the whole experience of being on my period. I have extremely heavy flow and have recently struggled to manage this with tampons. The organicup coped brilliantly so it's really helped.

Mi sono pentita di non averla comprata prima!!

È una rivoluzione!
Era un po' di tempo che pensavo di passare alla coppetta mestruale... Inizialmente non ero molto convinta ma dopo aver letto su diversi blog e anche su questo sito quanto siano comode e pratiche, ho deciso di acquistarla!
Precedentemente facevo uso sia dei classici assorbenti che di assorbenti interni... Potrei paragonarli alla carta vetrata in confronto alla coppetta mestruale!!
È comoda, ti senti libera e non hai preoccupazioni riguardo le perdite... Adesso non ho più bisogno di chiedere alle mie amiche "Ho i pantaloni sporchi?" Quando sono in giro.
Oltre ad un risparmio economico si fa anche del bene all'ambiente senza consumare plastica!!
Cinque stelle sono troppo poche!