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OrganiWash (75 ml) er en mild og skånsom 2-i-1 rens til menstruationskop & krop. Anvendes til at rense koppen før indsætning/efter udtagning, og/eller som en mild intimsæbe til kroppen.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


OrganiWipes bruges til at rengøre din OrganiCup når du ikke har adgang til rent vand. Indeholder 10 wipes.

DKK 39,00
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Based on 878 reviews
Símplemente genial

Compré la Copa hace algunos meses y llevó desde entonces probandola y usarla es una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado, la recomiendo 100%. A mí los tampones no me iban del todo bien porque a veces se me movían o se salían y era bastante incómodo, y cuando empecé a utilizar la Copa ese era uno de mis mayores miedos, de hecho era bastante escéptica, pero superó mis expectativas gratamente y ahora incluso hay veces que me olvido que estoy con la regla. Y encima es ecológica, hecha con materiales reciclados y el ahorro en compresas y tampones al cabo del año es muy importante.

Love it, don't wanna go back.

I had always been interested in going from pads to a cup for environmental and financial reasons. But was always scared to make the switch, thinking it would be uncomfortable or I wouldn't get the cup inserted.

After I started to get sexually active I finally tried (because before I just couldn't insert the cup or even the smallest tampon).
Since I started using the cup I don't wanna wear pads anymore.
Besides the usual cramps I don't feel like having a period during the day, since I am not confronted with a sticky, smelly pad touching me all day long.
On the first (heavier) days I do have to empty the cup twice. But besides that I can always empty it in the comfort of my own home. And never had any leaks, even during the first time using it!

I understand that it's a hurdle for many people, but I do wanna encourage people to try. For me personally it was an instant match.

will never go back to tampons or pads !!

I love my organicup !! it is so comfortable, on days I don’t have any period pains I don’t even know i’m on my period. There is 0 anxiety through the night and day about leakage !! I had to use a tampon once since I moved to organicup & it was so uncomfortable for the few hours I was using it in comparison. If you’re thinking of getting one you definitely should, it does take a period or two to get used to putting it in and taking it out but it’s soooo worth it !!!

Very comfortable

I am very happy about having bought the OrganiCup. It is comfortable to use and I do not produce waste anymore.

Copa menstrual

Hola, he comprado la copa hace mes y medio más o menos, este es el segundo periodo que lo intento y no me ha funcionado... He seguido todas las instrucciones, visto los vídeos, intentado los dobleces y varias posiciones para introducirla; confirmando su correcta colocación, tocando bordes, escuchando el plop, girando, tirando del pivotito... He presentado fugas algunas veces, supongo eso era por un fallo en la colocación. Sin embargo ya sea bien colocada o mal colocada me generaba dolor abdominal y de zona lumbar, como una presión interna. Yo suelo tener cólicos solamente el primer día y con la copa me duraron 3... Era ponerla y comenzaba la molestia a los 20 minutos y cuestión de quitarla y desaparecer... También me salió al segundo día de uso una mancha grande y roja... muy rara en un brazo. No sé si podría tener relación. Definitivamente esta copa no la voy a utilizar más, tardaba alrededor de 20 o 30 minutos en ponerla. He usado tampones previamente y nunca se me había complicado. Es una pena ya que tenía mucha ilusión de usarla.

Hola Celina! Entiendo completamente tu frustración. Cada anatomia es differente, y de vez en cuando es difícil encontrar la razón por la cual el uso de la copa se complica. Por lo que yo entiendo, la colocación te cuesta mucho esfuerzo y has sentido dolores. En mi experiencía puede ser que la copa este colocada muy alta el el canal vaginal (lo en comparación a un tampon, tiene que ser colocada mas abajo) o que el tamaño de tu copa no sea correcto. Me parece tambien que tu cuerpo todavia no se ha acostumbrado a la copa (lo cual puede requerir 2-3 ciclos menstruales). Si quieres intentar otro tamaño, simplemente escribenos un mail a support@organicup.com - si no quieres intentar más, puedes solicitar un reembolso igualmente escribiendonos un mail a support@organicup.com



It's really comfortable!!!

My best friend

Two years ago I was graduating Environmental Engineering and I felt that I have to complete my profession with my lifestyle. I was doing a research about tampons and pads and discovered the OrganiCup. I ordered it and it was love at the first experience!
I felt so good and every month I got more excited. I recommended to all my friends and I tell to everybody about the relief I had when I use it for the first time.
Thank you, OrganiCup team, you are doing a great job!!! Meow

The good one

Hello 🙂

This is my 3rd cup (I've tried diferent brands) and I feel that this is the one I need. It feels comfortable and easy to use (and remove!). The 2 others failed, the first one was impossible to remove, it was so smooth and my fingers slipped all the time. The second one was foldable... not a good idea, it was also too thin. This is perfect, easy in all the ways!


I love this menstrual cup so much. I've been using mine for about 2 years now and I'm never turning back! I switched to a cup because I want to create as little trash as possible -- but now I recommend it to my friends for so many other reasons besides that! Having this product has relieved me of the stress I used to feel every time my period was coming. I no longer spend so much money on constantly buying tampons, I no longer worry about toxic shock syndrome, I no longer worry about bleeding through. I work outside, so the fact that I only have to change it about every 12 hours is amazing (its pretty much once just before I leave in the morning and once when I get back home later!). Also, I loveee the good work that this organization does in terms of period and environmental education. Really this is one of the best things I've ever bought in my entire life. Thank you, OrganiCup!!


I have nothing other than good things to say about the cup!

I'm a soon to turn 30 mother of 2 with a 3 year old and a 5 months old. I've never used tampons in my entire life. It took me a while to actually started trying out cups and chose OrganiCup as my first cup ever. I have a heavy flow and have given birth vaginally so I just went by the recommended size (B). I just received it a little less than a week ago and am now on my 4th day of period with the cup, on my first cycle wearing menstrual cup.

I thought it look intimidating at first cos the cup seems a liiiiiiittle firmer and thicker than I imagined, but amazingly it glides in very easily when inserted for the first time - no pain, no discomfort, no lube needed. So easy to put it that by the end of my first day with it I can do it without even looking! I used the punch down fold. The stem was bothering me a bit but I didn't want to cut or trim it off so I just turn it inside out on the 2nd day. Still easy to grab and take out even without grip rings. It gave me cramps on the first day but that's probably just my body adjusting with the cup. I've to empty it every 3-4hrs on my heavier days and more than 6hrs on light days.

My advice for those who want to try menstrual cups for the first time, take your time to understand your body and really understand how cups work, what method that'd work for you and what to expect so that you can save your time trying to get it in and out without hurting you. As much as I wish had discovered menstrual cups sooner, I'm glad I took my time to really study it.

And OrganiCup is the best cup to start with. 3 different sizes to choose from, easy to insert in and out, comfortable to use and really serve it's zero waste purpose. I love the cup and the philosophy behind the brand. Now I want to get a smaller cup for my light days and am already talking my friends and family into trying the OrganiCup.

Great product. Only wish that these were around 20 years ago!

I was a little apprehensive about trying the Organicup, but have now had two successful periods using it. It really is a great product and I feel very confident that I'll never need to use any disposable sanitary products again. I will certainly encourage as many friends as possible to give it a go too. Thank you Organicup!

I really wanted it to work

I really wanted this to work but it just didn’t. I tried it for 4 months (4 periods) and each time a had at least three leaks and many minutes on the toilet trying to fix it. Im probably the reason it didn’t work out since so many women have had succes with it. But for me its a no. I didn’t trust the cup anymore. Im going back to (organic) tampons for now. Never had any problems with them, Just wish I could have had a more sustainable option

Hi Michelle! I'm sorry to hear that it hasn't worked out for you! However, when placed correctly it is physically impossible to leak with organicup (if'it's not full). The essential key to a leak-free period is to not only make sure that the cup is fully unfolded inside you but especially that the suction seal is in place. My recommendation would be for you to check if the suction seal is in place after insertion - you do this by lightly pulling it by the stem and making sure you feel resistance (the cup shouldn't move downwards at all). If it is moving, we recommend pinching the base of the cup (or inserting your index finger alongside it) and rotating it. Try experimenting with different placements in the vaginal canal also for it to open up/create the suction seal more easily. Also perhaps the size you have is not right for you? In this case simply write us an email and we'll send you a new size for you to try. Don't hesitate to reach out to support@organicup.com if need be! Best, Madalena

After a detailed research I decided to try the menstro-cup. And as you might have read - it was the best decision! I bought freedom from tampons, pads and regular toilet visits!

I highly recommend it to anybody!

Swimming disaster

I've been using the Organi cup for 6 months now and never had any problems, until my last period. I emptied and cleaned the cup before I went swim. After I came home and took out the cup, it was full of water!!!! And I also noticed some leakage. I'm not a heavy bleeder and the cup was 100% placed right. I never had any problems, but now I am actually scared of leakage. This only happens when I go swim.

Hi Bri! Sorry to hear you had an unsettling experience. The essential key to a leakfree period is to not only make sure that the cup is fully unfolded inside you but especially that the suction seal is in place. This will prevent any flow from coming out, but also any water from coming in. My recommendation would be for you to check if the suction seal is in place after insertion - you do this by lightly pulling it by the stem and making sure you feel resistance (the cup shouldn't move downwards at all). If it is moving, we recommend pinching the base of the cup (or inserting your index finger alongside it) and rotating it. Try experimenting with different placements in the vaginal canal also for it to open up/create the suction seal more easily. Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to reach out to support@organicup.com if need be! Best, Madalena
I finally have back my life !

Came on lady, Don’t be silly!
Most of my friends thinks i’m Crazy going around with the cup al the day, what they will never understand is the time and the trust on my self that it give back to you!
The true is that is a bit strange put and remove the cup, but you have to do that two or tree times per day! (Reason why the Water isn’t a big deal). No more being scare to have dirty trousers.
I’m not scared about my period anymore and I don’t fell guilty for the planet.

Changed My Life!

Love the OrganiCup! I was a little sceptical at first and nervous to try it. It did take a couple tries to get the hang of using it properly but now I've got it down pat and I love using it! Changed my life, now I don't have to change my plans because I have my period, I can still hike and swim and do any outdoor activities without worry of needing to get to a bathroom at a specific time! Also great for work, I'm on my feet all day and I don't have to worry about leaks! I can wear any type of clothing because I don't have to worry that my pad will show and I completely forget I'm using it sometimes. I tend to have a heavy period and I found it worked great! Prefer the size, shape, and feel of the OrganiCup to other brands as well!

The best investment

I was using only tampons for about 7 years but lately I wanted to try cup not only because it costs less money, but because I’m 'traveling a lot and tampons takes so much space in my backpack. So I found a discount code for 20% off from OgraniCup and no regrets. I was skeptical about it at first and I was scared that I will have to wear pad (and I hate pads) but no need to worry about it 🙂 I can go through my period only with this amazing cup (no pad needed) and I can travel freely as this cup is pretty small and comes with nice white pouch where you keep your cup (and don’t have to take dozens of tampons that will be all around your bag). This was one of my best investments in my twenties 🙌🙌I recommend everyone to try it 🙂 if you wouldn’t like it you can easily return it 🙂 it changed a view on a period - kinda interesting to see the blood in a cup. I was a bit worried about how to take it out but try it a few times before your period, for the first time it wasn’t the best feeling but I gave him (cup) a chance for a few more times and I love this cup 🙂 I made my friends to purchase this cup 💓

Pure fulljoy

I love the product, I feel more alive nowadays by using the cup. Great invention, So happy!

Glad I Tried!

6 months in and I'm still learning. This is my first menstrual cup. Before that I never used tampons and the biggest thing I could insert in my vagina is one finger. Like most menstrual cup users, it took me a while to get the hang of it. There will be struggles, but it's been working out for me. Until now it still leaks a bit, just some spotting, but it's still so much better than wearing pads. I use reusable period panties with it (Thinx and YourMoonTime) and it's the perfect combination. I no longer have to check my bed sheets as soon as I wake up, or look back at the seat I've just been sitting in with dread. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that everyone's anatomy can be so different! OrganiCup may or may not be the perfect fit for you. I can say that the firmness, the big air holes, the stem, the size, and shape are pretty beginner-friendly though, especially compared to other cups I've done research on (not tried)! For me, sometimes it leaks more than other times, sometimes I spend more time trying to get it in or to get it to pop open, sometimes I feel some pressure on my bowels from the cup and sometimes I don't, I'm still trying to perfect it but even now I already prefer it over disposable pads. I've worn it while at school, when hanging out with friends, at my internship, etc (with period panties). Oh and I've cut the stem off mine completely because it's personally more comfortable. Do that only when you're consistently and confidently able to pull the cup out without using the stem at all. The cut end pokes a little, so maybe OrganiCup could design stemless cups or various stem shapes e.g. ball/ring! It's also very nice that they newly came out with a smaller 'teen'-sized cup.

love it !!

i didn’t even think of using a cup for a long time, but eventually i realised how convenient they can be and i looked through the stigma. my life is so much easier now and my vag is so much happier !!

FINALLY great sleep

On my day three with the OrganiCup . So far so good . I’ve leaked only a few times only because I became very heavy at a point of time and because I’m still trying to figure out the right fold for me . This helps my sleep SO MUCH better without worrying of over filling my cup . I am satisfied with this product .🙂

Organic Cup Experience

I really loved this experience! I a on my second time using the organic cup and I am still learning and finding the best way for me to take it out, but I need to say it: Everytime I used tampons it was really painfull for me. The insertion and specially when I removed it, and even while using it, because when the tampon was full (wich hapened very fast) it just start going down on my vagina and I couldn't walk proprely without feeling pain. Well, with organic cup I never felt this again and I feel completly free and with no worries on my period and on my impact on the environment! (PS: Sorry for my english 😉)


Ik ben enthousiast begonnen maar dat was het dan ook. De cup vouwt bij mij gewoon al niet uit. Doet ie dat wel dan zuigt ie vervolgens aan wat er voor zorgt dat er deuken in zitten en dus lekt. Ik gebruik hem nu vier dagen, nog geen lekvrije dag gehad. Ik ben altijd zwaar ongesteld. Wat een bende als die cup omgegooid moet worden. Desondanks het lekken moet ik per dag minimaal drie keer leeggooien omdat ie vol zit. En dan begint de ellende van het terugplaatsen weer. Het verhaal van: een paar keer oefenen en dan heb je het door, nou niet dus. En vandaag ben ik er in een keer klaar mee: heeft de cup de hele ochtend goed gezeten, loop ik net in de stad, zakt ie tijdens het lopen er uit!!! Meteen winkel in en tampons gekocht. Wat een rotding en dat is zacht uitgedrukt. En wat een tijd heeft het me al gekost. Gisteren bijna een uur op de dag aan het tobben geweest. Helaas, ik vervuil het milieu nog maar tot dat het over is bij me.

Hi Nicole,

I'm truly sorry to hear that the cup hasn't worked out for you. If I understand corretly, it is not the placement of the cup, but the fact that it fills to fast due to very heavy bleading? In that case I would recommend for you to claim a refund.

Please write an email to support@organicup.com with your order number explaining the situation. Again, I'm very sorry for the inconveniences and let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

Best, Maria.


I was always intrigued by menstrual cups but too scared to try one until I saw a YouTube video about the Organicup. I ordered one probably that same day and used it as soon as my next cycle began. It was very easy to figure out even for a first time user like me and I have had zero leaks and zero issues. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.


It took me several months to get up the courage to use it, but the OrganiCup has been a total game-changer. Not only is it environmentally friendly, and a healthier option for one's body, but it's also super convenient. Changing it every morning and evening (depending on flow) means that I'm not worrying about how long it's been since I last changed my tampon, toxic shock syndrome etc etc. Instagram (@Putacupinit) and YouTube have great resources of helpful videos that helped answer questions (like how to take it out!) and give suggestions on different folds and cleaning methods.
It took a couple of periods to feel completely comfortable with it (it was sore the first couple of times I removed it) but now I cannot recommend it enough!