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OrganiWash (75 ml) er en mild og skånsom 2-i-1 rens til menstruationskop & krop. Anvendes til at rense koppen før indsætning/efter udtagning, og/eller som en mild intimsæbe til kroppen.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


OrganiWipes bruges til at rengøre din OrganiCup når du ikke har adgang til rent vand. Indeholder 10 wipes.

DKK 39,00
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Based on 1080 reviews
Organicup is awesome

My whole experience with Organicup has been awesome. The instructional video on the website is so detailed that I got my insertion right in the first go. I feel it wasn't for that video and I probably wouldn't have converted to cups. The customer support has been phenomenal. I had all my concerns and queries answered promptly. I requested for a size change and Organicup instantly agreed to send the preferred size. If you're looking to switch to cups - Oraganicup is your best bet!

I love it, wish I had started using it earlier

* Less worry throughout the day and night.
* Easy to put in position and remove
* Comfortable to wear, even though the first minutes can be a bit uncomfortable until the cup moves to the right spot
* No leakage, even though I'm not sure sometimes whether the cup really opened and I dont have the feeling that there is a vacuum. Wore it while horse riding and dancing, absolutely great.
* Feeling good that I can reduce some waste

Det bedste jeg nogensinde har gjort for mig selv

Jeg kører på min 3. mens periode med koppen! 33 år og ville ønske jeg havde opdaget den for længe siden! Så nemt og billigt og samtidigt så godt for miljøet!


I've been using the cup for a couple of cycles now, I had done a lot of research before hand, and organicup seemed like the best option for me. I had previously only used small non applicator tampons, and even not that frequently, but I was adamant on using one (you change it less, its cheaper, better for the environment and more comfortable). The first time I used it it took a while in the bath tub, but once it was it, it was super easy to put back in or out. Because I was worried about leaking (which shouldn't really be a problem if you put it in right) I used panty liners the first couple of times as reassurance, but its not really necessary. I would 100% recommend to other.

Most Comfortable Menstrual Product!

I had wanted to try a cup for a while and finally decided to try OrganiCup. It is the most comfortable menstrual product I've ever used! You forget that you're even using it when it's placed correctly. I love it! I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Incredible Invention

So grateful for the cup. For those who are unsure.... Don't be. This is soooo much better than tampons or pads!!! Just Imagine the period when you have the cup system figured out... less waste, less cramps pain, less bathroom changes (seriously i only have to empty my cup 2 times a day maybe 3 on my heaviest days, when i used tampons it was almost every hour. super annoying.) , less feeling like your on your period in general and so much more. I am big supporter of Organic and clean products for myself and the environment and I have tried a couple different brands of cups now... and I have finished my search with the best one for me! (I tried and changed brands until I found the one that worked for me, and you should do the same!) Love love love the Organicup. Just remember everyone is different and it takes time to find the right product for you and your body, so be patient and positive with yourself and the cup. It took me about 4 full periods to get it down to a science! hope this helps you in you journey!


Ero un po' scettica all'inizio ma anche molto curiosa. per fortuna ha vinto la mia curiosità.
Mi trovo molto bene, una volta capito come funziona è comodissima.
Quando ho un po' di problemi di inserimento o rimozione ho imparato a rilassare i muscoli e nel caso un po' di lubrificante.
Nessuna perdita, tiene 12 ore e una volta indossata non la sento per niente.
La gioia del poter fare qualunque cosa anche quando ho il ciclo senza irritazioni, ingombraza, fastidio e disagio da assorbente è infinita.

best thing ever

it took a bit of time getting used to inserting the cup. i used coconut oil at first, but after a couple of periods i was fine without.
the argument of not producing any waste was the most appealing and also not drying out and feeling pain when changing the tampon..
plus i dont need to worry about anything whilst using it!
Most girls i've talked to said they were unsure about putting it in correctly. but then i reminded them that the first couple of times trying tampons wasn't super great either. you just have to get used to it und i'll promise you, you will not regret it!!

Time to change

Got this after a recommendation from a work colleague and I love it, it took a while to get used to but I got there in the end. The fact that I can use this for 12 hours without worrying about leaks or having to change is a real plus with working long shifts in a busy department. Just wish I had tried it sooner as it saves the environment while saving me money.


I was so worried about trying a cup but my gosh, why did I wait so long!! If you're used to tampons you should have no problems getting the hang of a cup! Amazing how I lasted the 12 hours leak free and without getting that horrible 'leakage freakage' feeling!
Not only is my body chemical free using the cup, it was odourless, and a breeze to use once I got the hang of it. Not only is it a better option for my body, it is a positive option for the environment, and financially too!
Organicup staff were the best to deal with, very friendly and supportive.
Please, please, please just bite the bullet and give it a go, you won't regret it!!

Game changing!

It’s definitely a game changing experience. Our culture doesn’t really practice using tampons and my whole life i have depended on Pads. Due to some health issues i want to monitor my period flow and amount hence stumble across organicup. Thought of giving it a go and it’s unbelievable - no regrets. I was quiet nervous and search a lot of youtube video before finally trying. I must say that i’m never going back to pad. It’s very comfortable in there and i forgot that i am on my period! No leaks at all. I don’t have to restrict myself to doing activities that i usually have when wearing pads. I love it!

Completamente soddisfatta!

Trovo estremamente pratica ed igienica Organicup!! È qualche mese che la uso e ne sono entusiasta!!


A few people said it would be tough to get used but it has gone amazingly since my first use. As someone who has a very heavy period it’s game changing. You need to be comfortable with your own anatomy to use this.


I'm a 45 year old mother. Bought the b cup according tot the description on the package. It was difficult tot insert, and even worse to take out. And it leaked. turns out when you've had a c section, you need to get the a cup (so put that on the outside of the package please). So i bought a 2nd cup. Felt much better. But it leaks too. And i need to replace it at least within 3 hours, because it's full. And when it's full i feel air bubbles and that's very uncomfortable. What a bloody mess. Never again. 40€ down the drain.

Hi Sofie! Thanks for your comments and sorry to hear about your experience with the cup. We actually offer a satisfaction guarantee on our cups where if you are not satisfied with your size then you can receive a different size after approximately 90 days of usage, and up to one year after original purchase. Also, we do suggest that on the heaviest days of your period, you may need to change the cup every 3-6 hours, and that the cup can be left inserted for up to 12 hours. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to support@organicup.com! All the best, Sophie (OrganiCup support)
Life Changing

Give the cup an honest try. I converted from pads to the cup and had never even attempted tampons, and obviously the first cycle was difficult but by my second cycle I had it pretty much down. Nothing is as quick as pads, but the fact that this reduces waste and it is reusable makes it worth the little bit of extra time. It is comfortable and I actually do not dread my period anymore. It makes me feel empowered and like I can do anything and do it comfortably. Nothing compares to the OrganiCup.


The organic cup was a wonderful change in my life. I have atopic skin and was allergic to dressings and tampons .... besides easy use, I'm not worried about changing so regularly and even forgot that I have. It was a very beneficial help in my life and I help the planet.

Game Changer

Using a menstrual cup definitely takes a good bit of practice but once you have it sussed it’s a complete game changer!! It’s honestly like you don’t even have a period at all because you can leave the cup in for 12 hours.

The best idea!! Its safe, confortable, and ecologic!

Life changing experience

It deserves a try even though if it doesn't work you get your money back. It's a life changing change

Worth every cent.

Growing up I was never aware that menstrual cups we're an option, tampons and pads were all I knew!
OrganiCup is definitely a great option if not the best, out there for people looking to reduce cost and waste in their daily life.
I decided to get mine before going backpacking for 3 weeks and I could not have been happier with the results and not having to worry about running out of pads or embarrassing leakage.
Takes a little practice using it at first but is super effective and easy to clean.
Would highly recommend!!

Game changer

No more searching for one last tampon or pad, no more asking hubby to be embarrassed by picking some up, no more toilet paper to the rescue, no more smelly bins, no more dry uncomfortable cotton wool.
It’s a game changer!
I’m so excited my two girls will become women in an age where our bodies are being honoured and respected not uncomfortable and hidden.

Mi mejor decisión a largo plazo

Es verdad que al principio puede costar cogerle el tranquillo, pero al segundo periodo ya era una experta. Yo que usaba tampones con adaptador porque no me los sabía colocar. La seguridad que te da, incluso en casos como el mío de periodo muy abundante, no la cambio. Por cierto, ¡la mejor opción para playa y piscina!

So far so good

Well thanks to the helpful tips and tricks supplied via packaging and vids I am pleased to say my first day has gone much better than expected and I’m impressed with it. Think my cervix is quite high so I’m not sure it’s positioned quite where it’s supposed to but it’s working nonetheless. Feels like it should go higher but I don’t want to lose it lol! The more I use it I assume the more I’ll get used to it. Only thing I would say is be careful where you buy it I’ve paid nearly double compared to other places I’ve just discovered 🤦🏼‍♀️


I have always believed in the importance of change and Organic Cup is the best solution to this.
I found it immediately very easy and comfortable to use.

I’m so thankful..

Changed everything

This product really made everything about period so much easier. It's so nice not to worry about any leakage during the day and I don't feel any discomfort at all. Before organicup I did not look forward to my period every month but know it's so much easier and bearable to have my period. Of course, it takes some time getting used to but you learn the techniques along the way. Plus it's a nice feeling knowing that you are helping the environment. Get one as fast as you can!