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The ultimate 2-in-1 cleanser (75ml): use it to cleanse your cup before insertion/after removal and as a pH-balanced intimate wash for your body.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


For cleaning OrganiCup on occasions without access to clean water and for sanitizing the cup between periods. Contains 10 wipes.

DKK 39,00
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we asked our community to share their experience

we asked our community to share their experience

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Based on 655 reviews
not just sustainable but incredible for lazy peepz

I usually do not review products, but I am SO impressed by the organicup I NEED to tell the world: I love it!
It felt kind of weird the first few times of using it, but I quickly started loving it. Not only is it amazing, because you do not have to worry about any changes during the day, but I also did not feel it anymore on the second day and you have ALL the freedom you can imagine to do anything without a worry. AND it is way more sustainable than tampons or pads, that is like a really nice additional reason to support and use organicup.

If you are on the edge I would highly recommend you give it a try!

Pleasantly surprised!

Honestly? I kiiiiiiiiiind of can't believe how easy this cup is to use.. The trick is to do a change over in the shower, no mess no fuss more time for coconuts. I feel cleaner (emotionally and physically), lighter, less chafed and irritated from using a bunch of tampons for my cycle. First time user myself - not sure if I'm speaking solo but use a liner for the first few times you try, there may be a liiiiittle bit of leakage until you get that perfect position. Just be patient 🙂
Thank you Organicup


Saves a lot of money and is a blessing for the environment

Customer message gets ignored for MONTHS, cup is not for me.

Since I tried it quite an amount of time (almost 3 month) but it didn't work for me, I reached out to the customer service on December 21. It was simply uncomfortable. Maria replied on December 28:

"I am sorry to hear that the OrganiCup isn't working out for you. If you wish to try another size or need some advice to get it to work, please let me know, and I'd be more than happy to help.
I have now refunded your money, please allow up to four days for the money to show up in your bank account. I hope this is satisfactory to you. Have a lovely day and please don't hesitate to get back to me, if you require further assistance"

Two weeks later I replied asking where "the refunded money showing up 4 days later" was. I checked all my bank accounts (and Paypal I paid with) then and today. Ever since no reply (or pay-back) and I highly fear that they will delete this review since it's showing their true face: Organicup can be valuable, but is not for everyone. Their customer service DOES NOT work and I am really unhappy since those four days are over for 56 days -> almost 2 month. This is an amount of time I do feel like is incredibly disrespectful toward me as an actual embarrassed customer and has no excuse for. I actually did consider to try out the other size of the cup just as offered in the mail but I really don't feel like feeding that company more money. I do not respected at all.

Since sometimes the Customer Service seems to reply here - last chance, dear Organicup, to reach out to me to fix this - my order ID is 111149, I am from Germany. Unbelievable. I am very unhappy. My main reason I bought this cup and not another one, was your guarantee since if you spend €28,25 and it's not for you it's a lot for a student. Even with my embarassment I do consider to write more reviews on platforms you can't delete and control to warn people with my best intention if I still don't get a reply upon my request within 1 more month.

Hi Marie, Thanks for getting in touch! We are sorry to hear that the OrganiCup didn't work for you and we're very sorry about the mistake that occurred when we tried to process your refund the first. Unfortunately, it didn't go through, but as we have written to you via Instagram, the refund has now been processed. Thanks for your patience and understanding! All the best, OrganiCup
Much better than other sanitary products

Compared to tampons or towels this feels much better and more hygienic. Takes a little getting used to. I'd say it could be a bit more comfortable and easier to get into position but if it's correctly done, you barely feel it and it lasts longer than something else. Convenient.

Never using another tampon in my life

I bloody love this thing (excuse the unintentional pun). It was pretty terrifying at first because it was slightly bigger than I expected it to be. On first insertion I took about 10 mintes playing about and getting it right. First time taking it out was even funner, that took a while until I remembered to engage my stomach muscles but now I have the nack it's incredible. If it wasn't for the usual cramps I would forget it's s there. It's SO comfy and there's no annoying string to sit on! These need to be better known by girls. I wish I had heard of them sooner. I will be pointing all my friends in the direction to get on of these. Good for the environment and good for us. What more can you ask for.

Just be patient

I know it seems weird to use a cup for your period but trust me, once you get used to it, it's great. I was a bit frustrated in the beginning but also very excited and it ended up working great!

Best Choice ever

A friend of mine recommended the cup so i gave it a try.
Yes you need a few periods before you know how to insert it correct but it it worth it!
I have no smell during my periods (with tampons i had) i have no infections anymore(had regulary candida 🙁 )
I had a child and with fitness i lost some bodyfluids..but with the cup, I don 't and know i can be focused on the excersize instead of what happens between my legs;).

Really people..try this!

give it a try!

Like many other reviews: it takes time to get used to.
I used to place it to high so it created a vacuum which was really uncomfortable the second time I wanted to place it. Now I've learned what a nice way of wearing it is, although I didn't master it quite completely yet, so I sometimes combine it with washable pads.
The feeling however, of not having to throw away things is amazing. It seems odd, but it makes my period much more personal. More natural. It is a good feeling!

Amazing (after you get how to work it ) 😉

In the beginning it was leaking a bit but after a while it started to work perfectly (I tried different inserting methods before I got the right one for me). So happy about my organicup!

Remember to give it a fair chance.

Six months in - I absolute love it. Yes, it was difficult at first. Sometimes it even hurt me a little, and I was fustrated. Probably because it is a new way you learn your body. But after a few periods I figured it all out. And it is absolute the best thing I ever did. After giving birth the second time - my period is not just a tiny drop of blod, and I constantly found myself worring about leaking when using tampons. With this cup I dont have to worry about anything. Just remember to give it time. You will love it!!

Using organicup is super easy. I was a bit worried at first if it's gonna work and if it's gonna be comfortable but after few tries I learned how to use it. I would recommend this to anyone who is maybe trying to save money or help the environment at least a bit. You wont regret it.


OrganiCup has changed the way I deal with my periods. I’m way more relaxed, because I’m not busy dealing with leaking and cleaning. I can highly recommend it to everyone. It takes a few times trying, but once you get used to it, you will never regret it. Thanks OrganiCup!

Great cup. Could be better

Everything about the cup is great. The fact that it is reusable and environmental friendly convince me to buy the cup. Customer service is great too.
I have a suggestion. I am keen to buy organiwash but I wish that it also comes in smaller size so that I can handcarry with my for my long haul flight. This way, I can remove and wash my cup when I menstruate during long transit.
The stem could be longer because I have higher cervix and it takes me forever to dig out the stem.

A great product

Once you've got used to it (in the same way you had to get used to pads/tampons) it is very convenient and comfortable. It feels great too every time you don't have to throw something else into a landfill.

Great discovery

It's definitely the best method for the period, it doesn't smell, you can use it for ours, you always have it , compared to sanitarian towels that run out and if you don't have anymore you need to go desperately to buy more.
I hardly recommend it after using it for 6 months.

Never giving up my ORGANICUP

I recently got my first Organicup in the mail (ordered from Mexico) and I am truly amazed at how perfectly it fits, how comfortable it is and how simple it is to learn how to use it.
In all honesty, I used to love tampons and their versatility, but after using the Organicup I can proudly say I'm never going back!
It is really the best decision you could ever make, and I can assure you, you will NOT regret it.
It might take a couple of tries to get the positioning right and to get used to the insert/remove part of the process but once you get the hang of it, it all becomes so easy you won't believe you ever lived without your Organicup.
Thanks and keep up the good work!


Im happy about the cup, even I wasn't when I first tried it, cause it was painful inserting/taking it out. Also there were some leaks as well so I wasn't very excited about it. But eventually I gave it another chance and tried for another 3/4 periods and vuolia 😉 It worked 🙂

The cup is more healthy for the environment and for the body as well. I really recommend it 😉


Takes soms time to get fully used, but I don't want anything else anymore. Whole night, or Day without problems. No leeks. Don't feel it.

Period saver!

With OrganiCup my periods have been so easy and so much better than ever before. It took a few
periods to learn how to use the cup but now I’ve gotten used to it and it has just made my life so much simpler. It is good to remember that with heavy flow, you might have to empty the cup more.

I haven’t tried other menstrual cup brands but I can say that I have been very pleased with OrganiCup. They truly care about their customers and have reached out to make sure that everything is going well and they are very nice. I’m sure that I will continue using OrganiCup!

Thank you

Yesterday started my period and I baught also yestrday my first menstrual cup. I watched video and fallowed instructions, so all went smoothly and it was extremely easy & comfortable from a first try. So I wonder why some woman find it difficult at first ( based on testimonials). I am very happy with a product: it’s super easy and super comfortable. And I like so match the ecological thinking and the fact I don’t produce anymore waists. The impact of the product has even a greater value: it teaches girls and woman know their body! All woman should know themselves down there: I do and maybe partly that is a reason it was so easy to insert and so easy to use it even with first try. Of course it could be tricky if you haven’t observed yourself down there. So it’s also a kind of educational tool, which forces woman to know their bodies better and eventually it leads us (as side effect) all into a greater enjoyment during a sex. Due the better you know your body, the better orgasms you will have. So partly ( not in all cases) this could be a reason why some woman find it difficult to use at first: if they don’t sense and know their own bodies- how could they insert a cup correctly? So I am happy to be part of this super comfortable revolution and I will never go back to old ways. Thank you! Very happy customer.

Very pleased with this product, but just a heads up to those of us who have heavier bleeds this does not last the promised 12 hours, I had leakage at 7 hours, but compared to tampons (which I can bleed through in 2) still miles better. Also way more comfortable, especially on lighter days, and obviously the environmental impact is so much less than tampons or pads. Initial cost was a wrench (even with BOGOF, which I shared with a friend), but compared to the usual cost of a period I reckon after 2 months I've already recouped my losses. Do sometimes get some pain removing it, but maybe that will improve with time. Be careful if you have an IUS/IUD of your strings! Good Luck to anyone giving this a go!

Gosto muito do copo menstrual

Recomendo muito o copo menstrual, se colocado da maneira correta, não sentimos nada, parece que não estamos usando nada. Preservamos nosso corpo dos produtos químicos dos pensos e tampões, e reduzimos o impacto de lixo no mundo! Só preciso lavar o copo 2 vezes ao dia.


Sé que mi caso es uno entre pocos y que algunas mujeres necesitan varios periodos para adaptarse a la copa, pero a mí me tomó uno solo. Es la mejor cosa que he hecho por mí, por mi cuerpo, mi bolsillo y el medio ambiente. Tengo flujo abundante y necesito cambiar las compresas en periodos muy cortos y con la copa puedo hacerlo hasta cada 10 horas, así que me otorga autonomía y permite que mis días de periodo sean tan llevaderos y cómodos como el resto; es una maravilla. Estoy súper agradecida con Organicup por fabricar productos que abonan en la conservación del medio ambiente y por hacerlos llegar a nuestras manos en empaques responsables. La mejor marca del mundo.

Yeast infection

I really feel like this product should come with a warning for those who are sensitive to yeast infections. I was extremely sensitive to yeast infections a few years ago, but they seemed to not come back anymore until using this product. I got a yeast infection right after using this product for the first week. Labeled as “up to 12 hours”, of course, sometimes, out of convenience, I used it the full 12 hours, which was not that convenient after all... My doctor told me that it is not responsible for me, as a person who is sensitive to these yeast infections to use such a product for more than a few hours. All in all, I do like the concept, but it’s just not something I enjoy using anymore after such an experience.

Hi Sabine, We take the safety of the cup very seriously, which is why we have consulted with several gynecologists and gotten a positive response regarding this matter. A key point is that, if you have a yeast overgrowth, you have to keep in mind that it is possible to contaminate the cup - not the other way around. Even though silicone is not a material bacteria likes to grow on, if the cup isn't cleaned properly, you might reinfect yourself every time you use it. If you happen to have stumbled upon some good research on this that we might not know of - kindly share it with us! Thanks for raising a good point. Best, Maria