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The ultimate 2-in-1 cleanser (75ml): use it to cleanse your cup before insertion/after removal and as a pH-balanced intimate wash for your body.

OrganiWash perfume free intime hygiene wash
DKK 49,00


For cleaning OrganiCup on occasions without access to clean water and for sanitizing the cup between periods. Contains 10 wipes.

DKK 39,00
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we asked our community to share their experience

we asked our community to share their experience

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I love it!

I'm using the cup about 4 months and it's sooo comfortable.. It changes my life about periods


Honestly, I can't imagine periods without the cup anymore. It's really easy to use and I only change it once or twice a day! Besides, I don't have to worry about buying supplies when that time comes, so I save money and time/patience and I produce less waste, thereby lowering my footprint! Also, I feel more connected to my body and I see my period as a natural, healthy and powerful thing <3 I only wish more women make the change!

Rigid material didn't work for me

Organicup is the second brand I've tried, and this cup didn't work for me. The discomfort wasn't about the use, but about the qualities of the cup itself. I found that the cup walls were too thick or the material was too rigid. It felt stiff inside and made it seem like it's pressing too hard on the vaginal walls. I dropped it and went back to a softer brand

Hi Mariia. Thank you for reviewing the OrganiCup! We all have unique bodies, so I'm glad to hear that you have been successful in the hunt for the perfect fit! 🙂 Our cup is a bit softer than most other menstrual cup brands, and this is something we receive a lot of praise for from the majority of our users. However, some will require softer / harder / longer / wider / taller / smaller cups, and for those people, we have established our Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows you to try the OrganiCup for an entire year and find out if it is the right solution for your anatomy. It could also be that the cup doesn't sit in the right position in your vaginal canal, thereby causing discomfort - we always recommend experimenting with positioning and angling of the cup over the course of a few period cycles before requesting a refund/size change, but if you'd like please get in touch with support@organicup.com and we'll find a solution. Kind regards, Maria
So happy

I’m very happy I got it. I did not have any issues with my first use, it was very easy and I didn’t feel it when it was in. I feel good using this because it’s better for your body and saves money. Plus it’s environmentally friendy what was also a reason why I chose organicup. I saw some people had problems with the delivery but I did not have any problems I took just a week.

Total Game Changer!

Best decision I think I've ever made - deciding to use a menstrual cup. The Organicup is super flexible, easy to insert and you can't feel it. It's great for any sport, especially yoga and even stays suctioned when hand-standing! Will definitely continue to recommend this cup to newbies.

Feels great but I experience frequent leaks...

I've had experience with other cups and to be honest this one is very satisfactory, it is much easier to mold and extract, and the sensation when inside the body is very comfortable, barely ever feel it. However the insertion is very challenging sometimes. Not sure if it is the fact that it is so soft that when inside it doesn't fully open, which it leads to frequent leaks that get me really frustrated.

Hi Ana. Thanks for your honest review - always nice to hear! I am sorry that you are dealing with leakage, The most common reasons why a menstrual cup might be leaking are: it hasn’t opened up properly, or that it is positioned incorrectly. Some helpful advice is to place the cup low in the vaginal canal and slowly wiggle / push it upwards into a natural position. Different people require different shapes and sizes, firmness and placement/positioning; you may need to place the cup high if your cervix is high - or if it's angled, try to place the cup at an angle! This can take a lot of experimentation and trial and error. However, if you are an experienced cup user, and the OrganiCup just isn't working out - please get in touch with our support team at support@organicup.com, and we will find a solution! Kind regards, Maria
Life Changer!

So much easier to use than I expected after watching the handy how to vids. I was able to use it straight away without any problems.
Can't feel a thing. Sees me right through a whole day no worries!
So nice not having to worry about it every few hours.
Saving money, waste, the planet! Won't be looking back!
Thank you !!!!

omg, I can do something while on my period again!

Thank you!!! I was a little scared to try the cup at first, but it has changed my experience with my periods completely! tmi, but my periods are hell AND last for 10 flippin days. With the cup it's not only easier to endure, but it also saves me so much money. Working 8 hours a day while on your period is already difficult enough, let alone having to change a pad or tampon every 2-ish hours. But with the cup I don't have to let all my collegues know why I'm going to the bathroom so much, simply because I don't have to do that anymore thanks to this miracle thing! 12 blood-safe hours! Thank you organicup for saving me money, time and stress!

Began to leak

I already liked it a lot, but the cup began to leak in six month of usage. Airholes are clean, the way of insertion i didn't change.
I spent a lot of money in hope to use for many years, in hope of high quality, but it leak.
And it's sucks

Hi Alina. Thanks for your review - I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with leakage. Do you feel any change in the material? Is it sticky to the touch? If the cup is faulty, we will of course replace it. However, it is also natural for your cervix to move throughout your cycle, so maybe you need to experiment further with the positioning? Either way, we will happily help you out and make sure that you are satisfied - please send me an email via support@organicup.com and we'll find a solution. Kind regards, Maria
This is fucking easy.

Girls, this is just too fucking easy. Gone are the poisonous cotton pads and tampons for ever! Once you get used to this little thing - after 3 periods for me - you can’t live without it. It’s so easy to clean, insert, clean, insert once you find a routine that’s best for you. Wow. Lifechanging. Bye-bye waste, bye-bye purse full of “I-hope-I-have-enough- tampons-with-me-for-the-week”. Thanks organicup!

Doesn’t work

I’m upset that I’ve had it for so many periods now and it still leaks. I have used so many other cups and don’t have an issue. It’s costing me because my nice pretty panties are no longer nice or pretty. I would post a picture but it’s probably best not to have the whole world see that mess.

Hi Orchid. Thanks for your review. I am sorry to hear that it didn't work for you - using a menstrual cup is a very individual and intimate matter, so it's entirely okay if it doesn't work for everybody. Our cup is a bit softer than most other menstrual cup brands, and there are few minor differences in terms of size, form and feel. Some will require a more firm cup, and that's fair - this is why we have our Satisfaction Guarantee which lasts for a whole year, so you can test it out sufficiently and decide whether the cup suits your anatomy. We can also have you try a different size, if the fit is not good for you? Otherwise, we'll gladly refund the money if you cannot use it. Kind regards, Maria
Love at first sight¡

En verdad, este producto es muy bueno. Ya me habían hablado de él desde hace bastante tiempo atras, pero no había encontrado la copa perfecta, hasta que me recomendaron OrganiCup. Claro que, la primer vez puede ser dificil, pero practicando su uso, pareceriera que no estuviera en mis días. Con ella me siento más limpia, más segura, y claro, ayudo al medio ambiente y a mi bolsillo.
Recomendada al 100% 😀

One love

Мне понадобилось 3 или 4 месяца, чтобы привыкнуть, но это того стоит! Лучшее, что может быть во время месячных. Можно делать что угодно и не считать, сколько прошло часов, чтобы поменять тампон. Больше никакой стирки красных пятен, в какой бы позе я не спала. И супер экологично!

I don’t know how to feel about this

The cup took almost a month to get to my house and I’m in the US. I open it today and the plastic seal that should protect the inside is completely unglued to the package . Can someone please look into it? For something that’s supposed to go inside of me, I don’t think it should be in that shape. Thanks!

Hi Monica. Thanks for your feedback and getting in touch. This is a mistake, and we will, of course, correct it. I apologize very much for the inconvenience caused - please get in touch with me via support@organicup.com and I will make sure to compensate you accordingly. Kind regards, Maria from OrganiCup
Never going back to Tampons!!!

This product is absolutely amazing! I had heard about it years ago while still using the usual menstruation products (tampons, pads). I finally took the plunge and bought the Organicup a few months back and.....best decision ever! I can’t believe it took me so long to switch over, I was wasting so much money every month on tampons.
When I first received the cup I thought oh wow this looks huge I don’t know if it’s going to be comfortable , but once inserted you can’t even feel it. Very easy to insert and remove, then you just clean and re-insert and that’s it! So easy and I’ve saved so much money since buying this - it’s great for the environment too!
If you’re contemplating changing to a cup I would 100% recommend.

Not as scary as I expected!

I was a bit squeamish about trying the cup for the first time, but now that I'm used to it, it goes in pretty easily. It's also a lot more convenient; cleaner, fresher and cheaper! One recommendation is (once you've sterilised the cup for the first time) practice putting it in when you're not actually on your period - then if you do struggle, at least you don't have all the blood and hormonal emotions to deal with!

Хороший выбор

На самом деле, я рада, что купила их, к ним быстро привыкаешь, удобно, ничего менять в течении дня не надо. Вообще классная штука. Самое главное для меня то, что я больше не трачусь на прокладки и не загрязняю природу этими тампонами и прокладками

Will never go back!

I love my cup! I've been using OrganicCup for a couple years now, and I will never go back to using pads or tampons again. At first it was a bit difficult, and it definitely needs some getting used to. I think my best advice to get over the first "hard" period is; Dont be afraid! Don't be afraid of your body, how it feels, looks, smells etc. and don't be afraid to do anything wrong. If it feels uncomfortable, simply just take it out and give it another try. It needs some practicing. But once you get a hold of it, it's amazing! I barely ever notice that I'm on my period anymore. I also REALLY love how close you get to your period (and you body in general!). You get to know your period and all of it beauty and complications. If you're having difficulty talking about periods, thinking or looking at the blood, this is a great exercise. It's all you - embrace it!

Чаша чудесная! Хоть и не подошла 🙂

Когда я получила свою чашу (размер А), то ждала новый цикл, чтоб попробовать ее. В первый день все было хорошо, хотя и непривычно. Но в первый день у меня выделения очень маленькие. Следующие три дня чаша протекала чуть ли не через 1-3 часа. Думала, что я неправильно установила ее, так что написала в поддержку. Мне ответила Мария и в нескольких письмах старалась всячески мне помочь!
Я пробовала, вроде все делала как написано, но протекала быстро.

На следующий цикл все повторилось, так что я вынужденно пользовалась прокладками.
Каждый раз, когда я вытаскивала чашу, она была полной.
В общем, после второго цикла я поняла, что мне нужна чаша значительно большего размера и попробовала размер В. Но он мне оказался большим, так как влагалище узкое, то вытаскивать чашу было больно.

В итоге я написала в поддержку, что хотела бы сделать возврат и ответила на все вопросы. На следующий день мне ответила Кэтрин, что мне сделают полный возврат!

Я очень сожалею, что мне не подошла чаша Органикап, она мне очень понравилась!
Буду рекомендовать такую своим подругам, у кого выделения не такие обильные, как у меня 🙂

Спасибо!! 🙂


I used the code to get 2 and they only sent one. Great product, lousy service.

Hi Abbie, We are very sorry for this inconvenience and we will make sure that you receive the second OrganiCup as promised in the promotion. Can you please send us an email to support@organicup.com with your order details. Thank you for your patience.
Game changer!

I got the hang of it within the first day. This is my first cycle using any type of menstrual cup, and I’m never going back to pads or tampons. It doesn’t even feel like I’m on my period and I feel so clean. I feel like myself. I love it!!

Love it!

Wow! Toen ik hem voor het eerst gebruikte was ik een beetje nerveus over het inbrengen en over de gedachte hoe het lek vrij kan zijn, maar het ging bij mij in één keer goed! Tip: probeer het eerst zonder menstruatie en onder de douche, werkte bij mij heel goed. Heb het steeltje een stukje af moeten knippen, omdat dat het enige was wat ik voelde. Daarna nergens last van. Het verwijderen van de cup ging bij mij wel wat lastiger, maar dat had ik zo onder de knie. Had ik dit maar eerder geprobeerd!

Most of the time great 😉

I love the organicup most of the time but it's sometimes al little annoying.. I working as a chef in a Michelin kitchen. That means standing on your feet for 14 hours a day with one pause (including toilet visit 😉 ). Something at the and of the day my cup is coming down and I have no time to pull it back. It can hurt a lot. But I can wear it almost my hole work day that's great!

It pulled out my spiral

After using it I had a strange feeling in my belly and I decided to trust my gut feeling and went to my GP. He immediatly saw that my spiral was hanging out of my cervix and he had to pull it out. Imagne if I hadn't go to my GP and what damage it could have done (pregnancy or damaging my cervix and/or ovaries). It is not safe to use with a spiral although the box says so. Think twice before using it when you have a spiral!!

Hi Daniëlle. Thank you for your review and for sharing your story. I am very sorry to hear that you've had to experience this! The OrganiCup is designed to sit low in the vaginal canal to collect the menstrual flow, whereas the strings from your spiral hang down through your cervix and sit at the top of your vagina. However, you should always make sure to release the suction seal when you're removing the cup. There’s actually no scientific evidence that show that a menstrual cup can interfere with a fitted IUD or dislocate it. In fact, a Canadian study ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22464406 ) from 2011, that examined over 900 women, determined that the risk of your body rejecting an IUD is the same whether you are a menstrual cup user or not. I am not sure when you had your IUD fitted, but it’s recommended to wait at least 2 cycles before you start using a menstrual cup, as the IUD is most likely to become dislodged in the first few months after insertion. Once it has settled into its place, you can start using a menstrual cup. However, since this is a highly individual & gynecological concern, we'd always recommend you talk with your gynecologist before you start using a cup with an IUD (as also mentioned in the box). If you would like to claim your satisfaction guarantee, please send us an email and we will take care of your refund, and support you the best we can! Best, Maria from OrganiCup
Love it

Me encanta! Al principio puede ser difícil porque no estamos acostumbradas, pero una vez que te acostumbras, te encanta, siempre estas limpia, olvidas que la traes puesta, y no contaminas tanto como antes!